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Clark, 35 from  Australia 2014-05-25

I was longing to meet my beloved ukrainian woman. The problem was I had very little time because of my job. Even though I thought it was cliché to go to international dating sites I decided to try. After chatting to a couple of people, I came across her. It took us a while to get to know each other. But after a while we both came to conclusion that we mean a lot to each other. We were communicating for several months already. It is blossoming from here. And it all started from that first chat.


James, 42 from USA 2014-05-21

I want to share my personal experience about getting to know each other on international dating sites. It was hard to find the right site for online dating Ukraine. But after a few tries, I succeeded. Then the only thing left- was to find My Lady.))))

Even though it was not so easy at first, but I succeeded. I was communicating with several Ukrainian women. After a while, I understood who is the closest to my heart. We have been communicating for three months. It all sounded like computer games at first. But then we had live chat and I understood it is real. Now I plan my trip to Kyiv. And I am sure it’s going to be interesting…



Anders, 33 from Denmark 2014-05-07

Communicating through a dating site is a great chance to get to know someone special. In my everyday life I I had no time and no chance to meet beautiful ladies from Ukraine. I had a dream to communicate with one of Ukrainian women or Russian brides.

So website helped me a lot in this. The profound variety of profiles make it easy to choose that special one you really like.



Gregory, 56 from Ireland 2014-04-29

Thanks a lot for this international dating site. It helped me to find my future wife Iryna. It all started as a simple chat, talk, but then, step by step, we both came to conclusion that it’s getting serious. I am madly in love and I do miss my Ukrainian Princess. But it took us a while to understand that we are made for each other. Long chat talks, hundreds of letters, 2 trips to each other and eventually I am the happiest man in the world. Now Iryna and I are planning the wedding. Thank You!



Stefan, 44 from Norway 2014-04-24

I want to say a big thanks to this website. I’ve found my one and true love here.  I understand, this is it- we were made to be together. So my next step –is to come to Ukraine. My one and only love is waiting for me there. And it all became possible thanks to your website online dating Ukraine services and Russian dating services.



Owen, 48 from England  2014-04-15

To start with I never thought online dating Ukraine is for me.But it turned out to be opposite. It saves my time and efforts. To start a communication with a girl you like-on the website it takes you only a few minutes in an online-chat. In my everyday life I do not have many opportunities. What is more, on this website I can communicate with ladies from Ukraine. I have never been to Ukraine, but Ukrainian ladies are known to be very kind, caring and family-oriented.  So now I made my first step to check whether it is true. Thank you for the opportunity.


Steven, 48 years from USA 2014-04-07

I tend to be timid and shy in communicating with the ladies. It is hard for me to start talking with a beautiful Ukrainian woman. Put on your website, there is a very special opportunity-real-time chat. Now I can communicate with gorgeous Ukrainian women and Russian brides, who are very friendly. If there were no live-chat I would stay silent forever. What is more, there are so many totally different ladies on your international dating site that I can choose. Thanks a lot.