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Romantic tour

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Congratulations! Your communication has been a success and you decided to visit your beloved Ukrainian woman. To do so, you need to plan and organize your trip to her motherland. We will help you to do so.

1) In case your Ukrainian woman or Russian bride does not speak English the service of a translator will be provided to you.

2) Sometimes you find it hard to move around without your own car. When you are abroad, you can solve it rather easily by renting a car. We will provide you with a driver as well.

3) Surely, you will need to rent an apartment or hotel. We will ask about your preferences and we will do it for you in advance.

4) If you decide to ask your lady for romantic supper we will arrange everything.

5) As you know, in every country there are many beautiful spots worth visiting. We will arrange excursions to the places you choose.

6) If you decide to find some entertainments (for example visit a nightclub, go to a swimming pool or dancing class) we will arrange this.

7) Sometimes airports are rather far from your lady's place of residence.In such case we will provide with the transfer. We will bring you from the nearest airport to the native town of your lady and then back to the airport.

All prices for this service are provided. We would like to notice, that ordering this price from us makes it safe.