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When Love Is Real It Finds a Way


Love. So small word but so deep meaning. A really happy feeling of love is very difficult to find however, sometimes, it happens that it’s very easy to lose. And if someone thinks that it’s an easy thing to keep it alive and passionate all the time, this thought is very mistaken. A lot of great philosophers were thinking of the love for ages but nobody could answer the question where does it come from. It’s a powerful emotion which wins the competition between all the feelings on The Earth! Actually, we find this feeling from the very beginning of our life: parents give it to us when we are small; friends give to us when we are interacting and lovers give it to us when we find our soul mates. We are surrounded for a life! So, it follows us even we do not notice!

Love Is What You Do!

Where does love takes its beginning? Most of people think it begins with the friendship and this is really very true! It does not matter if you are male or female who are in friendship, but sooner or later it will be transferred into love. And it will never have anything common with physical contact; it’s about something more complicated. Friendship does not find this feeling as something unbelievable, but whenever you experience romantic love you will find your self on the cloud nine. It’s a type of feeling which never appears on the beginning but develops individually. Some people need a second to fall in love while others find a life too short to meet their soul mate. This type of feeling is an invisible connection between two souls.  It does appear in the heart only but in the body as well. It never ends! Even when the relation is over, the feeling burns forever. And the memory is the one that never allows forgetting anything. When one finally finds the love they have been looking for, one can not imagine life with anybody else. Try to be positive and the fate will smile to you! Never give up looking! Remember, there is always someone who was created for you!