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Single Women


Women don’t need a men?

Who are these women? What do they really want and look for? How do you think such women look like? Why many women without second half think they are happier than married women? Single women in their twenties and early thirties tend to be more isolated than older single women and more likely to be lonely. Getting married, then, is unlikely to be at the top of the list of life priorities for twenty-something single women. Young women are still trying to separate from family and establish their identity. They often live in big cities, without close community ties. Friendships are fluid because of greater geographical mobility at this age. But what about women between the ages of thirty and fifty? Women who have always been single and have no kids. What do you think their number-one priority is? The number-one priority was living on their own. Also the second most popular number-one priority was financial security.

Where is the marriage?

Many single women find it difficult to start new relationship because they had a big disappointment with their previous husbands and they are no longer obsessed with getting married. Most of single women think they are independent, strong .They don’t need a man and  just enjoy being alone and doing everything for themselves. But every woman wants to be beloved no matter what she says. The idea of not needing a man was once an empowering, necessary message in its specific context of financial autonomy. But now, it’s been generalized into an isolating directive that comes with the steep price tag of abdicating one of the most fundamental, basic human needs: We all need love. When women say they do really be alone, don‘t you think they’re just trying to make you think so? Most of women say they don’t need a man, until she finds the right relationship , she’s likely going to be less happy and will probably walk around with a chronic feeling that something is missing from her life. That is the real true. It will be always nice to meet someone who can become a part of your life. So, if you are a single woman, try to believe in destiny, and if two people are meant to be together, they definitely will be.