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Get Married with the Internet


91 million of people all round the world use sites and applications fordating. To find the “right” person , a true love, among millions of people is really difficult, how ever, spouses who became acquainted with each other online, averagely are much happier than “traditional” married couples, and also get divorced less commonly.

Online dating completely changed ideology. Now this is the second most popular way ofdatingfor heterosexual couples and the main thing - for homosexual. On the Internet people from all social groups and layers hook up. Those who previously could not even be in the same street now can meet and get married.

It follows that online dating can break all social and racial barriers, giving people the opportunity to get to know each other without being tied to the surrounding, stereotypes and the usual way of spending time.

So, let’s find out how to attract women’s attention on the site and become the luckiest man in the world.

Men’s qualities that attract women

Despite the fact that each woman has an idea of an ideal man to be in love with, they are all looking for a set of certain qualities. Contrary to all stereotypes, fair sex firstlylooks at the nature and attitudes of life, rather than at the financial side.

· For long and serious relationships women choose ordinary men.

· Substantially every woman wants to see a man with an excellent sense of humor alongside her. Moreover, it makes the man more intelligent.

· For a serious relationship, fair sex chooses kind men who are capable of unselfish and right deeds.

· There is a misconception which says women are caring for the rich men. The man’s fortune is considered only as a pleasant addition, but in the first place nobody looks at the purse of the chosen person.

· Women love older men for the reason that they are more mature, wise and often know how to solve problems.

· The unexpected fact is that women are attracted to inaccessible men.

· Every woman wants to see a careful and attentive man next to her.