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Women’s needs


Long ago and now marriage was quite a pragmatic step fora woman. After giving herself to the man, the woman shifted responsibility of her survival and well-being to him. She was looking at her husband as her protector. This was considered the norm and consistently cultivated from generation to generation. 

But with the advent of new times, the relationship between men and girls began to rely more and more on the principle of mutual pleasure. Partners both were looking forward to receiving something more from each other. And women acquired and confirmed the right to complete their social independence, the institution of marriage turned out to be in an interesting situation.

What do they really need?

The main purpose to marry was considered to be love. And although no one really has a clue about what this love is. Female and men believe that big and bright love is the main reason for getting married. And the men really may be looking at this fact sincerely. This thought can be conscious or depressed; in any case, to women find it quite natural. Why does she need a man?

Many factors are involved in the formation of this point of view, but, mainly, this is a question of upbringing. From generation to generation, this principle of using male for their own purposes is passed on to every woman. As well, power of social pressure is already large enough to bring the virus of women conceit into the emerging psyche.

Psychological point

Here we smoothly pass into the plane of the psychological needs of a woman, the responsibility for the implementation of which, she also shifts to a man. Now men must behave in such a way that a woman ceases to feel her inferiority. And if he does not, he is to blame.

This is the stumbling block that most families destroy. A woman is looking forward to getting out of the state of internal conflict at the expense of a man. But since he cannot play contradictory roles, a woman, sooner or later, feels that the man is missing something.

She herself does not fully understand what exactly she needs, but this does not prevent her from blaming a man of poor quality and demanding a solution from a fairy-tale problem from him. And yet, the responsibility of creating this problem and finding solution lies solely with the women. A man, at best, can help her to realize what is happening.