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Woman Is Music: You Love Her Even You Have No Understanding


Еach relationship requires a kind of sacrifices and treats in order to become a successful connection between men and women. Dating people (Russian, Ukrainian, German etc) means being acknowledged about different mentalities, cultures, values, desires and related things. This knowledge should help you to avoid misunderstandings and increase chances to start a healthy relationship. So, if you are a serious person who looks for the other person with the similar intents – stop here!

Better to Be Strong Than Pretty And Useless

The former Soviet Union brought a lot of changes to the current gender situation between men and women. You do not need to worry about the equality between Russian or Ukrainian men and women as soon as the constitution says that both are equal in their rights. Those ideas are still living and most of the people enjoy them. Men and women being they Russian or not have the same conditions of getting the job, payment, driving car or related things. However, family life in Russian and Ukrainian societies has still the role specialization, just like in the previous times. Men are told to earn money for keeping the family while women are told to stay at home, make cozy, take care after kids and be trustful to their husbands.

A Charming Woman Doesn’t Follow the Crowd!

If you are planning to date any Russian or Ukrainian woman, you should know that she is here not to play around. Ideally ─ family is her destination. And if you are a lucky man who has married a girl from Russia, you must be sure that you and your children are the most important people in her life and she will do anything possible and impossible for her family. There is famous saying commonly used around Slavic countries, “She‘ll stop a galloping horse, she‘ll enter a house that is burning.” That is a main reason why it means ─ women here are fearless and dedicated to things they love. So date them, it will be the best decision in your life.