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Woman’s Beauty through Man’s Eyes


Women usually do not even guess how they look in men's eyes in reality. Of course, the opinion of men is not objective, but still interesting to know. What women are the most beautiful: Italian, Russian or Brazilian?

Bitter Truth

It may sound funny, but being beautiful does not mean being happy. Yes, beautiful women give the impression of confident and self-aware person, but it is not easy to be always in the center of attention and very often they are lonely and date no one. There are always some problems and such well-groomed and stylish beauties may have many complexes inside.

It is a paradox, but very often beauties do not have personal happiness and find it hard to date with someone. You can hear about many women that God endowed her with talent and beauty, only personal happiness and the right man is not around. Most Russian women do not know that men evaluate them from absolutely no feminine point, and only the consequences of this denial are not only ridiculous, but tragic. Women spend a lot of time and energy to be attractive, and as a result, men for unknown reasons avoid contact with them or even disappear.

Men’s View

Most likely, Italian, Russian and Brazilian women will be disappointed, but most normal men are not interested in what is fashionable and trendy. And sometimes they can’t understand how fashionable or stylish the woman looks. Psychologists have developed their own theory of visual accents, which speak of a male character. For example, if in the beginning the man paid attention to women's legs, the conclusion is that he prefers powerful and independent women. If he looks on the chest, he can be a lover of casual sex. Women's buttocks attract those men in whom natural instincts predominate over the rest of human beings. When a man looks at woman’s face he has some interest and wants to know a woman better and to date with her. True or not, it's up to you. Most likely, a man estimates a woman completely, in general.

And when the woman looks more like an advertising sign, bright and blinding, which is very typical for Russian women, not everyone wants to approach it. Is it worth it to waste energy in this useless competition? Perhaps, for this reason, men are avoiding acquaintances and do not want to date with women, which are an exhibition sample. After all, at a single glance at them they mentally represent life with a dummy. And who likes this?