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Life Is A Beautiful Ride


Have you ever imagined your fairy wedding in Ukraine? Actually, that is one of the most symbolic and positive ceremonies in Ukraine and its culture. Most of the brides are fond of the traditions and customs, which are unchangeable for many centuries. Happy brides are looking impatiently for the most wonderful day in their life. But how does the typical wedding day look like?

And So the Adventure Begins

A wedding preparation in Ukraine is not a one-day thing and it typically starts a several months before the actual date. It includes a lot of things to prepare meaning wedding dress, rings, list of guests and related things. Usually, the first thing to do is the decision on the style of the wedding. However, a lot of the ladies give the preference to choosing the wedding dress. Most of the brides consider it as a symbol of the happiest day and try to choose it with a special attention, trying on a lot of variants before finding the one, but the most special. Another important attribute included is wedding rings. This is the symbol of serious intents of the couple to spend the whole life together. The wedding rings are chosen with special attention as they are going to serve for the whole life. They are usually decorated with diamonds or other expensive metals. Another important thing needed by the grooms and brides in Ukraine use a wonderful embroidered towel. This is, perhaps, the only thing which makes Ukrainian celebration very special. The main colors on it are: red, the symbol of life, sun and fertility and black, the symbol of heavy, long and difficult life road.

Love Is Blind

A wedding ceremony in Ukraine is always special. It’s the most important part of the day and a lot of couples are very responsible to get the blessing from God. The process of the ceremony itself depends on the religious views of each person. The ceremony in the Orthodox Church can be done after the official marriage registration, however the Catholics do not have this kind of separation between two. This is a very nice day in the life of the brides and grooms. If you ever have chance to visit a Ukrainian wedding – never lose it!


New Year Trip With Your Beloved One


New Year Trip With Your Beloved One

Going on a trip on the eve of the New Year is the best way to protect you and a person you are dating with, from the hustle and bustle of New Year, bored salads and destructive holidays. Meeting the New Year in another country, not in Ukraine, an unfamiliar place, and sometimes, according to other rules, can contribute to the real beginning of a new life in the New Year. While there is still enough time before the holidays, you can thoroughly prepare for the trip and ask an agency to help you, choose where to celebrate the New Year. 

Where to relax on the New Year?

When the decision is made to spend the New Year holidays abroad, and leave Ukraine, it remains for the small - to choose where to fly. For a start, it is worth deciding what kind of character you want to have a rest with a person you are dating with, it could be: beach vacation by the ocean, under the hot sun; European holidays and immersion in the Christmas atmosphere; ski resorts and views of the snowy peaks of a cozy chalet; New Year's New York and feeling like you're in a movie.
And all the other ideas that you can imagine, the agency will help you to choose because the New Year is a time for fulfilling desires and waiting for a miracle! New Year's tourism can be a celebration of romance with a person you are dating with and relaxation with your loved one.

The most popular New Year offers in 2018

France, Germany, Czech Republic - there you and a person you are dating with can enjoy the Christmas decoration of the streets, plunge into the smells of food, visit Christmas markets and buy a bunch of interesting souvenirs with the theme of the New Year. The only thing you will need to leave Ukraine and enjoy other countries. That is why it is important is to ask for help from   the agency in Ukraine or other countries.India, Cuba, Maldives, Canary Islands - ideal for those who are too cold and tired of winter. The agency can offer an ocean, white sand and a feeling of complete relaxation, harmony and relaxation. It can be suitable for any company. If you go with friends - look around, have fun in local bars, find foreign friends; if with family - children are warm and constantly bathe, play on the beach, learn a new world, and parents, lying on the sun loungers, sip cocktails or freshly squeezed juices.


It’s not so easy to meet a man in a big city: everyone is in a hurry for business,so the...


It’s not so easy to meet a man in a big city: everyone is in a hurry for business,so they have no free time to get a date with someone, and in the evening they retire to an apartment for a laptop. But we know exactly where your chances of meeting Him will increase tenfold.

It is best to meet men in a light relaxed atmosphere, where they come to relax. These may be places where women are much smaller than men - to avoid competition, or simply places where they specifically go to get acquainted.


This is the case when there are more women at such parties than men. But those go there directly for acquaintance, therefore it is enough just to show their openness and readiness. And maybe he will get you a date .

Speed date.

An excellent format for those who are always busy, but want to meet. At the appointed time, an equal number of men and women gather at the appointed place. Everyone has 5-7 minutes to chat with each other  for free , and then change the table. You can leave your phone to those you like and if you like it too, you will definitely call back and will be able to get a date.

How to meet: try to impress immediately. You have not enough time, therefore not time for the introductions - hit it straight off. Ask a few questions, warm up, joke, smile dazzlingly and gather a crowd of fans.

Seminars and workshops.

Spend time with benefits and meet a man. Go to a seminar on activities that are interesting not only for women. Together with the group you will spend the day, or several, from morning to evening. And make a lot of close acquaintances, including with men.

How to meet: communicate with men in free time. About professional activity, since you have it in common, or about the topic of the seminar. This will help to immediately establish a warm confidential communication.


Friendly parties.

Go to festivals, bars and concerts with friends more often. Someone always brings new people to the company, who knows, maybe one of them is your destiny?


Of course, this is not about aerobics, zumba or yoga. Men are best acquainted in the area of ​​free weights and power trainers. And you can immediately be sure that you will get a partner with a great body.

How to meet: just ask a man to explain to you the exercise, to check whether you are performing it correctly or to insure you.

Happy dating!


Love You To The Moon And Back!


The revolution in dating on the online chart and site is not that surprising anymore. A lot of people have experienced it since that started and they have already found out two sides of the coin. That is why, before stepping it, you should better understand the mechanism of the work and how can it affect your life and time management. Before starting any type of the dating try to look at online chart and site to see its work, be careful and understand that prevention is better than cure!

Every Coin Has Two Sides!

From the beginning it may seem that your interaction with the site is amazing, new and exciting. However, you can not know for sure that it can provide you with the good online company. That’s why it is very important to keep it on the distance and try to understand that this is not the waste of time from the very beginning. There is not need to keep your dating on for a long periods without breaks, avoiding meals and daily responsibilities. A lot of people who are involved into dating on the site or chart online drift away from friends and become frustrating. Those kinds of gambling are never positive.

Feelings Never Go Away

For every minus there is always a big plus. This is not a secret that dating on the site and chart online can also bring a lot of positive moment as well. So, what are the benefits? The internet site for dating provides a lot of single men and women. A lot of personal profiles are shared  online and this gives you the opportunity to satisfy your search with different parameters and needs. This is the way to increase your chances of meeting your close person. Staying true to the romantic art of exchanging notes and letters, online dating has taken the next modern step of expressing yourself through the Internet. This is a type of the magic connection between people before their actual meeting. It’s a good way to try your personal communication before taking any serious steps. Try to manage a good advantage and try your fate right now!


Why is it easy to fall in love and difficult to build a relationship?


At times, the relationship that seemed perfect ended. Why is this happening, and most importantly, is it possible to prevent such a final? Why is it easy to fall in love, but to build relationships is difficult?

Save love

It is not difficult to fall in love with Ukrainian lady. Difficult is to save love. Clinical psychologist Randy Gunther shares his observations on why this is happening.
Many men and girls are stunned when their novels are finished. These seekers of relationships do not understand why love goes away with Ukrainian woman, and seek clarification from the psychotherapist. They tried to choose the "right" girls and they did everything for power in the relations! But something unexpected happened.

Many pass this way from hope to despair many times, but do not give up and prevent disappointments from limiting future opportunities. Burned and reflexive, they are again trying to find happiness with new girls. A new meeting is with a Ukrainian "ideal" partner, a turbulent novel, an excitement from new discoveries and another end to the relationship.

What do people usually ask?

How to understand that new relationships are doomed?  Why does passion die? How to recognize alarms?How to make so that feelings do not disappear? How to prevent a sad final? During the four decades of practice, I have put in place six principles that help to build relationships right from the start, rather than trying to fix things that cannot be remedied.
 Do not fall in love too fast. The thermonuclear mixture of intellectual discoveries, sexual desire, and emotional research does not make it in love to see what is ahead of them. Usually enthusiastic relationships with Ukrainian women last about six months, and then collapse when colliding with the first unforeseen problems. When we fall in love too quickly with girls, in the passion of passion, we do not try to explore the life and personality of a partner If relationships develop gradually, people will better recognize each other, receiving answers to questions: who and what does he cherish? What does she need to feel loved? What does he agree to share in the relationship? What are his principles? What cares her? The answers to these questions affect the potential of relationships. When we fall in love too quickly, in the heat of passion, we do not try to explore the life and personality of a partner - we are afraid to destroy magic. And when passion passes, there is no motivation for research.