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Where to find the girl of your dreams? 7 places that suit everyone


Where to find a girl for a serious relationship? This question can be seen at various forums online in the internet. And indeed, many men just do not see real places for meeting beautiful girls in life.  They keep in mind the idea that they need to get acquainted, but do not see the real possibility that they miss every day. They learn at different training on how to approach girls, how to interest a girl, but do not know where to use this information. In this article, we will tell you where it is possible to do that.

Just accept the refusal and do not stop

Different men often ask "I work every day, and I do not know where there is a good place for meeting beautiful girls in this situation." We answer - on the street. You may not have the opportunity to go to an expensive club. Perhaps you do not have friends who would introduce you to beauties, but the streets are open to everyone and online sites too. Yes, this is not the easiest way for meeting nice girls on the street. You need to get out of your comfort zone, tolerate refusals, humiliation. Yes. It will be for everyone who wants to find a really good woman. There is no such man who from the first time got acquainted without refusals. Be sure there are beauties that you do not like. Perhaps they will not want to communicate and will avoid you. And this is normal. Just accept the refusal and do not stop.

What places are suitable for finding a girl?

The best places for meeting good girls are: metro, a cafe, shopping complex, hypermarket, and minibuses and at the pedestrian crossing. For example, we will tell you how do it in a cafe. Often you can see a picture when a girl sits alone and do some things online in the internet. Perhaps, she is waiting for someone, or just decided to rest after hard work, it does not matter. This is a good place to meet a girl in a cafe because she will not be easy. The young lady sits alone doing things online, nobody distracts her, she is in no hurry. All you need is to confidently approach and start a conversation with her from any phrase. If a woman reacts positively to you, she smiles, which means that everything is fine; she was just waiting for someone to finally approach her. Remember - never postpone dating for later. We just need to finally dare and overcome our fear. No matter how much you read there is no magic pill. Therefore, use these tips in practice, and you will be able to find a normal girl.