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Where people meet in 20+, 30+ and 35+ years


On the planet roam crowds of unruly European men and many nice women in all respects. Both those and others rarely cross each other. Yes, you just need to know where is best to get acquainted for dating or marriage! Appearances and passwords are handed over by a man. It's also logical - to look for a European partner for dating where he goes in search of a friend. We try to investigate where and how European gentlemen of different age groups get acquainted with their potential ladies for dating and marriage.

Truth about people in 20+ and 30+

The Internet sites for dating as hunting grounds interests windy twenty years less. The irony is that the girls are not so windy. Serve those serious relationships or good friendship, and not this dinner with dancing. "We have 16.5 million registered users; about 37% of them are women," say a lot of owners of best Internet sites.-“Young girls in the column "Purpose of Dating" indicate friendship and communication on the sites in the Internet."
Actually, a thirty-year-old European lady, most likely, will not go to a bar to dance. But in a thematic institution, a woman can go easily. "Approximately from the age of 29 the representatives of the fairer sex most often indicate marriage as the goal of acquaintance and it should be noted, by the way, that regardless of age, sex as the main motive is the least popular among women. Girls, among other things, need a like-minded person. Not necessarily immediately a spouse, but the best one is with who you can look in one direction.

What to do when you are older than 35 years

By the end of the fourth decade, the life of many of us becomes like an apartment after an apocalyptic party: everything is broken around, there are scattered dreams and former partners in the corners, and the only thing you really want is to lie down on the sofa and die quickly. But sexual instinct is invincible.
The best way of acquaintance was chosen by many European people on the sites- drum roll! - An unexpected meeting during the holidays. When you have already boarded the plane and the wine in the glass has not warmed up yet, and the problems have already been forgotten, then you can start shooting with your eyes.

It seemed that after thirty-five live is finished - nonsense, it's just beginning. The world had to change. And it probably changed, but we are still looking for each other and even, surprisingly, love.