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What you need to know about each other before starting a relationship


Often people enter into dating without knowing anything about each other. Each time, suddenly something like that is revealed ... And it begins: "How could you! Why did not you tell me anything? "-" I was afraid to lose you ... ". When you already fell in love, it's too late to be reproached. Therefore, in order not to hurt and not to break the relationship, some things need to be negotiated "on the shore".

Acquaintance without information

Imagine, we met; fell in love, entered into a dating with Russian or foreign person. And then, when the feelings are boiling and everything has already gone too far, it suddenly turns out that the Russian or foreign lover is married and has four children (or she has a child in the village with her mother). Or he recently returned from places not so remote. Or not at all whom he claims to be. How did you get acquainted in former times? Often this happened with the help of a matchmaker or relatives. However, what about now? Most often Russian or foreign people get acquainted one-on-one, so there is no way to immediately learn something important about a person for dating or marriage. Sometimes, dating happens on the Internet. Therefore, before allowing them to flare up in full force, one must obtain at least some objective idea of a person, have information
about him.

What information is important 

Margaret Kent in her book "How to get married" lists the mandatory information about each other? That's what Russian or foreign partners need to know before entering into a serious dating (especially to create a family): the age of each other,
obligations, including financial ones, to other people (parents, children, former spouses),Family status (free, married, divorced), the presence of children (relative and foster children), religious affiliation, sexual preferences and expectations,
financial position (income, debts, real estate), attitude towards one another's nationality or race, attitude to family and matrimonial fidelity.
Obtaining such information is not easy. But each of the regular partners (especially future spouses) has the right to know the true state of affairs of a loved one in order to comprehend if marriage will be successful. Do not try to find out this information right away, at the beginning of dating. It is better to do this gradually, as the relationship develops and deepens. But too much to delay with its receipt, too, should not be.