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What movie to see with the girl in the evening


What is the best film to watch together with a beloved one? Yes, when you are dating with a girl the best decision will be to choose a romantic film about love on the sites in the Internet, but what can you do if you want to choose something interesting not only for her ? Choose a movie with several layers of the story, where the place is found for both romance and adventure.

What is the problem?

Imagine thebestevening: a warm blanket, wine, and a person you aredatingwith... a movie! But often the last point causes pairs of quarrels: "again your shooters and fighters," "I do not want to watch a love melodrama," "too girlish," "let's today without militants, I want something about love." Let us come to a common opinion and watch the best film that everyone will be interested in! What kind of movie should I choose on the sites to make the picture appealing to both? Talking about love is always difficult, and even harder to make films about love and dating- too thin line between sensuality and mawkishness, tragedy and drama. Like an artist, you need to carefully mix colors, apply strokes and, playing with light, gently and harmoniously pave the way to the depths of human feelings. Easy comedy is a great option for spending time together. But when choosing a comedy, you must also start from the fact that it was interesting to both. Accordingly, it should be a golden mean - not too rough movie, but not too "vanilla".

The list of films

“The perfect sense”, “One day”,”My Blueberry Nights“,Troy”, Meet Joe Black Marley & Me” etc.  The “Gone Girl”, for example,you can offer our lady when you are dating a detective thriller with a very confusing finale. On the eve of the celebration of the fifth anniversary of the wedding, the spouse mysteriously disappears. In the house there are traces of the struggle, the blood, which the women's clues were obviously trying to wash away, which should lead to a clue to the mystery of her disappearance. Her husband cannot believe in what happened and he is suspected. What secrets will emerge during the investigation? You will know if you look.  You can find films on the sites in the Internet. These sites can also help you find something interesting. Of course, the final choice of what to see with the girl remains for you, and there are many more films worth seeing together, but we will be happy if this article will allow you to have a good time watching a good movie.