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Ways not to feel lonely


Loneliness is the main enemy on the path to happiness. This is a barrier that often seems insurmountable to us. The more we think about happiness, the more clearly we realize that we should not underestimate and ignore the problem of loneliness and being single. If I were asked to name the main key to a happy life, I would answer without hesitation - strong ties with the people around them. When they are absent, we feel lonely.

Help others and contact with them

One online article on the site says that you should help with your friend’s child so that they can finally go to a dating or romantic dinner. Join the charity trip to the orphanage, get a dog. Helping and feeling that a single person needs you is a very healing feeling. To achieve happiness, it is important not only to receive support, but also to provide it. Keep in touch with your single or dating colleagues - go together for lunch, invite for coffee and do not refuse such invitations yourself, do not miss corporate parties. Sign up for group training; go to educational seminars on online interesting site and trainings. There, in addition to gaining useful skills and knowledge, you will be able to communicate with like-minded people.

Stay open

Loneliness when you are single makes us secretive, suspicious and sullen. The site for dating tells that lonely people are harder than ordinary people to get in touch with a new person. If you have noticed such changes in yourself, and each new acquaintance is perceived negatively in advance, then try to become more open. Get into the habit of first starting a conversation online on the site for dating or not, smiling a barista in coffee shops and shop assistants.

Do not ask yourself: “What is wrong with me?” Or “When will it end?” The right question to ask yourself is, “What exactly is not enough for me to stop being lonely?” Perhaps you just need a best friend. You can find a romantic partner or a friend online in the Internet. Or do you want to be part of a large and friendly group. Or maybe you just do not like living alone in an empty apartment?

There are many causes and varieties of loneliness. Not all people want to have close friends, if they have a husband or wife. Not all people like big companies; some prefer to spend time in the company of those closest to them. But as soon as you are honest with yourself and understand what exactly you lack for happiness, then it will be very easy to overcome loneliness.