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True Feelings


Real feelings are not always beautiful. Sincerity of the heart can’t be made to manifest itself in the form of only a pleasing video of the Hollywood movie characters. Living a little artificial life,men and women often refuse to observe the shadows within themselves, they don’t want to see their imperfection, and as a result, we do not want to recognize the right of our beloved to live and demonstrate his true feelings and emotions.

All women and males have bad and good sides. There are no people in the world who do not make mistakes.  Nobody is perfect, but the trick is that you can recognize the right of a partner to be non-ideal only when you have learned to truly recognize this in yourself. If you made a mistake and fell down, and then got up and tried to reassemble yourself to continue your journey, you know that this is not so easy. So later you won’t be blaming your partner for his mistakes and won’t be seeking for his disadvantages, but will try to help him quickly pass this stage.

Tolerance And Support For Each Other Is Important In The Relationship

If in all women and all men live fears, doubts, pain, hatred, envy, anger and other not the brightest aspects of our character, then why don’t we want to recognize the right of another person to have and show the same qualities? Why do men  and ladies want to see only the most beautiful in our relations, but refuse to help his partner to live with something that he can’t cope on his own. Yes, to witness anger, despair, sadness, jealousy and other negative qualities of the character of beloved one is not the most pleasant thing, but he also tolerates us. We should all be  seeking for good in a person and focus our attention on the best qualities of a partner. We should learn to forgive.

Seeking For Perfection

It is better not to be seeking for an ideal partner, but to become a supportive friend for your beloved. Two people walking very close can never hide anything. If you are taking a person as partner, be sincere. Men and women always have the best partner they deserve, as well the best children, the best work colleagues. Take them all exactly as they are, learn to love them directly, and one day you will be surprised at how beautiful the one who is taken along with all his shadows and weaknesses becomes.