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The psychological difference between men and women


Women, who are similar to men, do not attract men, and dissimilar to them - irritate ... Dear men, of you are ready for the marriage, instead of unproductive irritation, you need something else. You need to understand and to take into account the constructive features of women. Women are really a bit different.

Perhaps one the most important feature of women is women's variability

. The woman in the kitchen - the chef, the guests - the queen, in bed with her husband - quite another ... At work, she can be businesslike and calculating, but being in a cafe, surrounded by girlfriends, she is all in feelings and does stupid things, not including the head never ... So what is it, this particular woman?

What is different between men and women?

It's hard for men to argue with women at all. You should know that marriage is not an easy thing for both of you. There is a known joke: "There are only two ways to argue with a woman, and both of these methods do not work." Indeed, women are emotional, and even in the case when a man behaves reasonably, the conversation does not always develop. What to do about it? - To miss emotions, wait emotions, extinguish emotions - and continue to keep in conversation of the line.

Men and women have different attitudes towards emotions. Most men from childhood were taught that showing emotions in their marriage is not male. Therefore, if there is a problem, difficulty, and the man is immediately involved in its decision. Of course, in parallel, he can worry about what happened, but in his head there is already a clear plan of action in spite of emotions. In the woman’s case, in difficult situations, emotions come to the fore more often.

Give the woman an opportunity to dream! A pleasant dream raises the mood!

A woman loves attention to herself in marriage, but men do not always understand what "attention" is for a woman. Many small marks of attention to a woman are usually more pleasant and more important than one expensive gift on a background of constant inattention. If you want to surprise her, it's best to warn her about a mysterious surprise, several times to bring up the conversation, stirring up her curiosity, then arrange a little idea when you can express feelings, and then repeatedly come back to these sweet moments in your common memories.