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The first appointment: how to endure the first exam of love


Many guys do not know where to invite girls to a first date. After all, on the first date, the fate of the relationship is decided, the main thing is to please each other with their communication and common interests. In the article you will learn more tips, where to invite girls on the first date, to surprise them and interest and continue further meetings. Of course, maybe you do not like the girl, but just in case it's better to be what you are and show your strengths on the first meeting.

Try to go to a cafe

Many guys invite girls to a first date in the movie, but you do not need to do this, since you will not have time for communication. You need to choose a place where you feel free to communicate and get to know each other as long as possible.
Therefore, it is best to invite a girl to a first date in a cafe, where it is quiet and not noisy, so that you are free to communicate more comfortably. To do this, you need to know such a cafe and pre-visit it several times to prepare the best place for a first meeting. The main thing, do not be afraid to communicate, as girls like to communicate on the first meeting and to learn about you a lot of new things. If you are not sociable in nature, then feel free to ask the girl questions and support her conversation. Then it will make more impression, because all people basically like to talk more about their own person and their stories than to listen. Learn to listen and understand the girls and you will succeed.

Park is a beautiful and romantic place

The first meeting is needed for communication, so you can invite girls to a first date in the park, where it's very beautiful and interesting to communicate. You should not be disturbed and distracted from communication, so it is in the park that you can invite a girl to a first appointment. It's not so important a place for a date as the ability to feel free to communicate with girls, seduce and interest them. So try to say compliments to the girl, ask about her hobbies and joke and have fun as much as possible. Be yourself, so that in the future this was not a fraud. Learn: why men change wives. Invite a girl to a first date can be anywhere, the main rule - choose the place where you can communicate. If you choose a place where you will be prevented from communicating, then you will not be able to interest the girl in any way and you cannot hope for a second date.