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The Main Sign of Healthy Relationship


Many of us, especially singles, often ask what normal and healthy relationship is. The most obvious sign of it is transparency and understanding from both sides. This is when both people who are dating are honest with each other. It is when both sides directly discuss their views on the relationship, the family and chat about everything that is connected with it.It's not so important what the format of the relationship is, what exactly are the roles of dating couple has and who will color the rooms and who will wash the dishes. The main thing is the goodwill, voluntary agreement with their role and duties and constant communication and chat.

In healthy relationship, there is no place for manipulation and lie. If someone doesn’t like something, he talks calmly and diplomatically about it and receives a calm and informative answer. There is always an honest and direct discussion of current plans between dating couple, they can just chat to know what they are going to do next. There can’t be other singles, lovers, someone more than just a friend.

How to build and maintain a harmonious relationship?

You should understand that it won’t happen if you do nothing; the person you are dating with won’t do it for you. It requires desire, attention, effort and knowledge from both sides.

Rooms for Two

First of all, change your attitude to the partner. Probably, it is worth starting with the fact that a pair is two units, and not two halves. It is the union of two people who had their own rooms, thoughts and feelings. This means that you are an individual; you have your destiny and your tasks in life. Your relationship is free and you were two singles who decided to be together at the mutual desire.

But if you don’t make any effort to understand each other, then conflicts, quarrels, and stress are guaranteed and in future you can start living in separate rooms. We begin to blame each other, blame ourselves that we created relationship with a person who does not have the very best qualities. And there are only two ways out. The first is to become singles again. It is very common in an era of haste and consumption where no one wants to waste their precious time and nerves on a partner. The second option is to form a true love, build a harmonious relationship in the family, and maintain a long relationship. For this you need to speak,chat, understand not your desires, but the desires of another person.