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Taking the First Step


Many men are doomed to eternal personal failures for the simple reason that they can’t take the first step after meeting a girl. Guys forget that girls are passive creatures, which means that the first step in most cases is done by the representatives of the stronger sex. This state of affairs develops not because men need relationships more than women, but because of the natural inappropriateness of women to show initiative.

The Main Problem Is In Our Head

There are problems with law self-esteem, which can destroy personal life. Men often think they don’t have enough money or that they are too thick or too thin to ask the woman for a meeting, sometimes they are afraid to even write to her online. And even if such a man still manages to overcome his fear, and to approach the girl, he will certainly receive a refusal. It is because a woman doesn’t need a begging slave, she wants to see a confident man next to her.

Improving Ourselves

You should gain self-confidence. If the girl will feel that she is the last chance for this weird guy she will escape before the guy will try to take the first step. Men need to understand that they won’t be successful spending all their time playing online games or something like that. There is only one way out, constant improving. You can start regular training in the gym, start learning something new. You can try some online courses. In addition, strength training increases the level of testosterone. Namely, this hormone is responsible for the male self-confidence.

After you got rid of the shortcomings that caused the majority of women's refusals, it is time to take the first step. The first step is meeting with the goal of understanding if the girl is interesting to you, as well as the opportunity to realize if she will be interested. The acquaintance itself is an extremely individual thing. Only a constant practice allows you to improve these skills. Getting acquainted with a dozen different girls every day, all the fear and worries will disappear.

It is worth highlighting two ways that will make the most effective first step in meeting new girls are the path of improvement, implying the self-confidence of and the way of experience, within which you need to get acquainted with many girls as often as possible. Both options work. The main thing is to take active steps, no matter if it is real life or online. The main thing is to take the first step.