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Start Communicating On the Internet


To ensure constructive communication on sites, decide for yourself what the goal of the upcoming acquaintance is: to correspond for fun, pick-up and subsequent sexual contact, a serious connection,dating. I will help you to understand some rules of communication online.

How to Get Acquainted Online Correctly?

Radiate the positive. Communicate with a woman with humor, but do not use sarcasm towards the interlocutor. Joke more often, moderately use smileys in the online message, and do not load the girl in the beginning of acquaintance on the sites with sad stories.

Write competently. The absence of mistakes is perhaps the first thing that many women of the opposite sex convert to when they correspond. Before sending a message, check it for literacy through various sites that can be found on the network.

Be polite. Do not forget to say hello, starting a conversation with a girl. A greeting is an obligatory element of the message, as well as the absence of abusive and vulgar words. If you want dating with her, do not forget to call a lady by name, as the name is the most favorite word for each person.

Intrigue the companion. Followers of the pickup recommend changing the tactics of communication. For example, after making sure of the girl's interest, try to disappear from internetsitesfor a few days, stopping the conversation at the most interesting place.

Be versatile. If your first words were extremely brutal, in the course of communication, surprise the lady, for example, by sending her romantic poems, she would definitely like dating with romantic guy. Or point out inadvertently in the message that you once danced.

Be interested in the girl. Communicating with an unfamiliar girl is quite difficult, but professionals with dating experience recommend asking the girl more often about her hobbies, to be interested in her desires and plans for the future. Talk about the interlocutor is a good move.

Go Further

Communication online is certainly wonderful, but if you want to meet in real life, after a while don’t be afraid. You may try phone message. In the phone message you can send poems and greetings in the morning, write compliments and generally remain in touch.