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Some Days She Had No Idea How She Will Do It, But Every Single Day It Still Gets Done


The representation of “singles” in media and cinema especially, girls and women is obvious progress over spinsters. The bright picture of a young girl (in her late 20s or early 30s, for instance) exists to this days while the image of experienced women as the one for marriage is slowly disappearing. So, what is the actual reason of such inconsolable forecast for those who are still looking for their soul mate? A lot of men give the priority for young ladies, although there are many problems with the image of singles like that, in fact. Have you ever thought that he word “girl” means infertility and volatility, but the image of “an old maid” fills the empty space? It is the slip from single girl to spinster that creates so much anxiety for single women.

Inside Every Younger Person Is Older Person

Every time you think that being older will bring you more freedom of action is not a good example to follow in life. All older people were young at once and actually all younger will get older as the time passes either. Most of the girls in their 20s and women in early 30s are considered to be more remote than singles in their 40s. Young girls try to gain more independence from family proclaiming more personal space and identity. They tend to move to live in big cities and hit upon casual sex and fleeting relationships emotionally problematic. Older women try to focus on modest life. Although, they have stepped this line, they still have a good chance to be rich in life but are better surrounded by friends and married couples. The comparison is not equal itself, but how to make your ambitions to work positively in your latest age? The advantage is everywhere. Let’s find this out. Most of singles men do not have such a risky feeling of biological age as the women do this. However, both face many common things which can unite them and make them to become a couple. Maybe singles will never be an organization like marriage, but it could become a way of life with its own challenges and rewards - different, but comparable, to those of living in a couple. What do you think about it?