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Signs on how to know that a girl loves you


Sometimes it is very difficult to recognize exactly what feelings you cause. How do you know that a single girl loves you?

How to find out if a girl loves you:

If she initiates communication, you are interested in her. She is bored and does not want to wait for your move. This is a good sign. Cool and the fact that she is not shy to show it. Calls and messages from her - now the norm, she will take the first step.

For females, their personal time is also valuable. And if you see that she wants to spend it with you, and takes the first steps herself, you can be calm. So, she is interested in you and misses communication.

As soon as females begin to break down the stereotypes that a single man should pay for everything, she demonstrates her feelings.

Real relationships - when you both invest in them, including money. Gifts - a way to make you happy, to please. This is a sign of feelings. When egoism fades into the background, then love begins.

What is more?

If you see that the gifts are chosen with love, that she spent the effort on them, then it was important for females to please you. And this is a sign of love.

It is embedded emotionally. Caring for you and caring. She cares how your day went. She wants you to share your problems with her. You are now part of her life. Take into account that she asks you not because she puts her nose everywhere. It shows you people. This means that she thinks about you and worries.

Emotional investment is a very important and significant factor. Do not be angry if females ask for the second time if you will come soon. This is not a control. She just worries and waits for you.

She does not flirt with other single men. As soon as the girl has a feeling of love, another one is automatically switched on - loyalty.

She does not look at other men, does not try to flirt with them. Others for it no longer exist. There is only you.


It is important for her to be with you, and only with you. In the company of other single men, she will not take your eyes off you. Girls always want to please everyone, but the lover will focus on you.

She is afraid of losing you.

Openly demonstrates that you are dear to her. When you have a quarrel, she does not say that you have to leave. She would rather try to make concessions and find a number of compromises. Now, giving in and accepting defeat is a normal way out for her, because she has a dearer good relationship with you. Watch how your girlfriend behaves.