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How to interest a girl

If you managed to get acquainted with a popular girl or somehow get in touch with her, it does not mean that you are dating already. Searching on different sites how to make a girl love you won’t do everything for you. For this you need to do some specific actions.

Not always in order to interest the girl, you need to try to please her. Your task is to make it think about you, and for this you must stand out against the general background. The first way: to spend a good date with a girl.  If you think that before you invite her dating, a girl needs to be interested know that this is nonsense. Courage is an important quality of a man. So don’t search what to do on the internet sites, but go and invite her on a date. I already wrote about how to do this better. Therefore, if you have not tried to invite a girl on a date, there is a good reason to do it.

Some tricks

All women are extremely curious.  When you are dating a woman, you have to answer a million questions every day. Choose an interesting event and invite her to it. If she refuses do not strongly insist, but then write her on one of those where you communicate: an excellent event turned out, did not even expect that it would be so cool, I'm sorry that you were not. Watch the reaction. Show her that you are popular among other. If you did everything well, then she will accept the next invitation.

Tell interesting stories about your work or hobbies or some popular movie, but go away from a direct answer to the questions, what do you do. General logic if you told her something interesting, she had questions. If you do not answer these questions, then this question will remain in her head and she will continue to think about you. It's good. She will want dating you to get more information.

Make her think about you

Find her weak place and use it. This method works especially well for demanding girls, who are accustomed to being popular. Your task is to catch the behavior of the men, to which she is accustomed and begin to act the opposite.  We begin looking after a girlfriend, make compliments to her, writing lovely messages on her favorite sites. When she shows attention, we react extremely reticently.

The task of any action aimed at interest the girl is to knock her out of an indifferent attitude towards you. It's better to let her get angry even make her blocking you on all sites but make her think about you. It is better than she haven’t got any emotion for you at all.