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Noone Is You And That Is Your Power


Unmarried women –who are they and why is it so popular to stay in the status of “singles” until your late thirties? Let’s try to make it clear! Over the past few centuries it’s highly visible that most of the women put their carrier in front of the family life. Economic and social shifts in the society made big progress in the women labor, which led to the massive rethink about the gender roles, married and singles, the definition of family life and a lot of other connected things. For the past decades the images of the singles females became less discussed. This means that it’s pretty acceptable in the modern world.

Girls Want Attention, Women Want Respect

What can be the reason of the low number of marriages recently? Actually, a great number of male joblessness has increased and that is one of the reasons for the disrupted “market of relations” between singles. Moat of the women face a hard choice between deadbeats and playboys and this choice is quite unfair. As soon as you need to take into consideration the physical and financial aspects, the choosing is getting really hard.

You Have The Power All Along

What kind of sarcasm is hidden in the fact that singles are happier than married? In fact, things like those depend on particular people personally. Some women and mean are family oriented, but there are still a lot of those, who think about carrier more. If the thing with the family does not work well, it’s really great to look for yourself in some different things. A lot of really charming women are singles because they put a lot of requirements to the men, who can not physically fulfill all. Some other ladies are too much connected to stereotypes, which bother them to try a lot of really nice things in the life. If there is a real need to prevent it it’s always nice to put forward your personal needs and desires. Those are things which will bring you the biggest amount of pleasure and satisfaction. And of course, reducing of the all strict requirements from the surrounding environment will increase your the ability to get the key to the happy future.