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Mistakes that woman make at the beginning of the relationship


At the beginning of the love relationship between a man and a woman, as a rule, is still too fragile, there is still no strong emotional attachment to each other, a spark from which the flame has not yet flared can easily be extinguished due to any trifle.

Meanwhile, it is at the beginning of a love story that many women make a lot of mistakes, invariably leading to a rupture. This site for dating will tell you what mistakes women make during love relationship.

Consider that everything is decided

This is an option "they married me without me." The situation is classical. The site deserves the situation as the girl meets the guy and decides: "He is mine." And almost from the first meetings she starts, without asking a young man, to plan a serious dating,love, wedding and a further life together. And the cavalier, as they say, is neither sleepy nor disposed: he just likes the girl, and he just would not mind some relationship.

"Behavior of the girl is aggressive and demonstrative. She openly voices her idea of ​​a wedding, love and a man who does not like this state of affairs, or quietly from such a girl "molts," or starts snapping. Partners, especially in the beginning of dating, should respect each other's freedom.

Competition with a man

The site tells us that typical situation for many women who constantly try to prove to their new man that they are smarter and steeper than him. Such ladies constantly "climb" in conversations to the male territory. For example, a woman who understands cars criticizes her boyfriend's car, or talks about suspension and tire replacement.
Some of the girls like to argue with a man about football, or begins to teach the knight: "You do not understand this question, I understand better." And here in the competition is already a competition, because a man feels a woman as a rival in her field - in men's issues, in male topics, but he does not want to love her. The site for dating strongly advises women not to argue with the opposite sex.

A woman should be feminine, and a dispute is the lot of men. The wisdom of a woman consists in her complaisance and tolerance, and in that she can listen. If a man starts a dispute, a woman should say: "Yes, you are right." Or: "Perhaps there is a place for such an option, my love or honey." Do not infringe upon male dignity. This is ethics, a matter of respect for a partner, "explains the psychologist.