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Love at a Distance


Every person understands the word love in his own way. But still all of us are seeking for light and beautiful feeling. Each man and lady has the right to decide which kind of love and type of relationship they are comfortable with.

Does it really happen?

Love at a distance is an uncommon type of love relationship. And what is the final for it? Perhaps many of us were seeking for an answer. And both a woman and a male came to the same opinion; this kind of love has no future. It's hard to believe that it's real to keep true feelings at a distance. But practice proves that distance love exists. The only question is how long it lasts and what will be in the end.

There are many loving married couples who are forced because of the peculiarities of the work often located away from each other, but a man and a lady maintain mutual affection through rare meetings. Being in separation, they talk on the phone and online. Their new meetings are desired. This fact confirms that love at a distance still exists.

Consider the following example, a holiday romance. This is a romantic adventure of a man and a woman who can become the ground for love. In the process of relaxation, the couple enjoys the novelty of relationships and feelings. But the vacation ends. Unfortunately, these relations have virtually no future. Parting, a woman and a guy return to the familiar atmosphere and rhythm of life, which suits them. The truth in life is always a place of exclusion. And then this romance develops into full-fledged relationships that can connect the hearts of lovers with a marriage union.

Most likely, for many of us, such relations will seem somewhat strange. But the facts confirm that love at a distance is very real and a woman and her beloved can be happy in such kind of relationship.

Love Online

And finally, let's talk about virtual love. Nowadays, most people choose the Internet as the main way of communication and choose online dating. The reasons for this may be different: congestion, lack of time, lack of privacy. Often in a virtual world, people are seeking for love, and in the process of communicating between a man and a lady this love arises.

This relationship can be attributed to love at a distance. They can be quite long, but without real encounters they can fail. Love at a distance is a reasonable statement and only its final depends on what you have been seeking for.