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Love at Twenty


The generation of 16-25-year-olds is called uninhibited, self-assured, lazy, irresponsible, tolerant and super talkative individualists. And what do they say about themselves? According to the sociologists the most important values ​​of life for ladies are family, marriage for love, friendship, love, money. For guys, the order of preferences is different: they choose first of all friendship, money, family and, finally, marriage for love.

So what are they? Do they still fall in love, dream, and suffer? I talked with some 20-year old single girls about it. Love, guys, sex, relationships, plans for the future. Obviously, they are very interested in the subject of conversation. Then seriously, then laughing, they join in the discussion and listen very carefully to each other.


It's very important for me to know a person well, and this takes time, one girl admitted. Even if I notice that a guy may be interested in me, I still need to make sure that we cross, we have something to talk about, that we are from the same space. Mostsinglewomen agree with her, otherwise, after a brief period of passionate love, you may realize that there is nothing to talk with him about.

Other ladies say they do not have objective criteria like status or appearance, all this does not matter. They listen only to their intuition. A man can simply capture single woman with his charisma, instantly there was an attraction. And other people may not see anything special in it. But ladies feel intuitively that it's him.

Words about women's intuition inspired my friend.  She said when she feels attraction to a single man; she asks herself if she likes this person and if so, then maybe she'll get acquainted with him. She doesn’t have any type, any criterion, she just likes it or not.


Acquaintance, love, romance they always have a certain risk, the probability of error and disappointment. For some ladies this risk is too high, and they prefer a more predictable option: relations with familiar men. Others are experimenting, and this helps them first of all to know themselves and their desires better. The history of previous loves and the example of parent relationships affect their ability to trust another person, create intimate relationships, and not only in a couple, but also in friendship and work.