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Love at First Sight


`Is there a love at first sight that can lead to marriage? Scientists often divide love and attraction in three phases: desire, love and affection. Desire is considered to be the phase that comes the most quickly. But this phase does not really imply strong feelings that can grow into marriage, it rather relates to physical attraction. We very quickly decide that someone is too short, too tattooed, or too smartly dressed. And just as quickly our interest can be caused by a pair of beautiful eyes or sexy forearms.

We May Fool Ourselves

Deeper love suggests that we do not just believe that another person is physically attractive, but we also fall in love with his other qualities. We can’t understand what the inner qualities are at one moment, and this testifies against love at first sight. But our brains not always understand that we really can’t recognize the inner qualities of ladies or men, hardly glancing at them. 

The halo effect implies that we tend to believe that a person with certain qualities that we like has other positive for us properties. When we see ladies or guys attractive to us, we often tend to ascribe to them other positive qualities: we immediately begin to believe that they are more pleasant, more fun and more intelligent than other ladies and men. Our bias makes us believe that we can learn something about another person only by looking at him. And we start imagining marriage, children and becoming old together.

Love and Rationalism

Although it is purely rational, we can’t fall in love with someone seriously on the basis of just one glance. We can fall in love with the image that we created for ourselves. Although love at first sight is based on unreliable information, this does not mean that it does not exist. And as for love in general, we behave irrationally not only in this aspect. Love is not rational at all, we tend to idealize a partner with whom we are in love.

Summarizing, we can say that, it seems we can fall in love at first sight. And much indicates that this phenomenon affects more than just desire or physical attraction both among ladies and men. Love at first sight is a strong and real feeling, even if it is not based on a rational and correct assessment of a person. But the fact that we choose a partner for serious relations or marriage in such an illogical way is not necessarily bad. Relationships may well persist and develop further when we get to know each other truly.