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Love Is The Bridge Between You And Everything


The friendship between men and women has many common features as far as different. The main difference lays under the fact that men and women are combined differently in the sense of seeking physical and emotional control in each other. They also differ in the aspect of communication. Each level contains a specific level of comparison even in the sphere of seeking friendship or just warm friendly communication.

You Deserve!

It’s not a secret that psychological and emotional closeness for men and women works differently especially in the process of seeking the reliable partner. Most of the women can be physically closer for instance when sleeping or watching TV. Some women when don’t communicate with her friends for some days can make a conclusion that the friendship is about to the end. However, if to put men in the same condition it does not mean something critical. Most of them think that he or she is seeking for new things or just hang out with friends. Most of men  will come right out and tell the friend about being upset with his actions, whereas a woman will act as if nothing is wrong and continue the friendship and eventually blow up at her friend without  seeking any reasons.

You Gain More When Giving Love

You will never win up the level of competitiveness between both sexes when comparing their emotional needs. Both of them compete for opposite sex. It can happen about other topics including work, studying, sports, values and related things. This can happen both in a particular situation and in everyday life. No matter if it is a male to male, female-to-female or female to male, in all friendships there must be a common interest. Without that interest, there is no friendship. So, you can never avoid it but go through it and get the kind of experience, being it bad or not. That is why it is necessary to keep the track of the personal needs and try to avoid negative emotions. This will help you to get to know your second part better.