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Life Is A Beautiful Ride


Have you ever imagined your fairy wedding in Ukraine? Actually, that is one of the most symbolic and positive ceremonies in Ukraine and its culture. Most of the brides are fond of the traditions and customs, which are unchangeable for many centuries. Happy brides are looking impatiently for the most wonderful day in their life. But how does the typical wedding day look like?

And So the Adventure Begins

A wedding preparation in Ukraine is not a one-day thing and it typically starts a several months before the actual date. It includes a lot of things to prepare meaning wedding dress, rings, list of guests and related things. Usually, the first thing to do is the decision on the style of the wedding. However, a lot of the ladies give the preference to choosing the wedding dress. Most of the brides consider it as a symbol of the happiest day and try to choose it with a special attention, trying on a lot of variants before finding the one, but the most special. Another important attribute included is wedding rings. This is the symbol of serious intents of the couple to spend the whole life together. The wedding rings are chosen with special attention as they are going to serve for the whole life. They are usually decorated with diamonds or other expensive metals. Another important thing needed by the grooms and brides in Ukraine use a wonderful embroidered towel. This is, perhaps, the only thing which makes Ukrainian celebration very special. The main colors on it are: red, the symbol of life, sun and fertility and black, the symbol of heavy, long and difficult life road.

Love Is Blind

A wedding ceremony in Ukraine is always special. It’s the most important part of the day and a lot of couples are very responsible to get the blessing from God. The process of the ceremony itself depends on the religious views of each person. The ceremony in the Orthodox Church can be done after the official marriage registration, however the Catholics do not have this kind of separation between two. This is a very nice day in the life of the brides and grooms. If you ever have chance to visit a Ukrainian wedding – never lose it!