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It's never too late: at what age do people get married in different countries


Throughout the world, there is a tendency to increase the age of marriage. According to the Priceonomics sites, today it is popular to marry much later than people did some 20 years ago, and some prefer just dating at all. Nevertheless, the time of first marriage in different places of the world may differ significantly. From the place where you live, it directly depends on when you will finish a bachelor way of life.

Does the economics of the country play role?

The main thing which catches your eye is the interconnection between the financial position in the country and the age when people that live there marry. For example,sites tell it is popular for residents of northern countries, such as Finland and Sweden, usually do not get married until 30, while in Central and North Africa, young people like short dating and are defined with a choice of up to 20 years. However, that the well-being of the country depends on the time of first marriage is not always regularity. Chile is much poorer than the United States, but they marry at the same age - about 28 years. Also, Priceonomics sites provided information about the age when ladies and men usually marry. Statistics are quite predictable: it is popular for women to get married earlier but have a long dating even.

Average age to get married for men and women

This difference in age for men and women is present in all countries. True, a lot of sites tell that in not rich countries, it is popular for ladies to get married 5 years earlier than men; also in the more rich countries it is a difference only 1.6 years. Ukraine provides another statistics: men usually for the first time marry at 27 years, and women - almost 25. So, in the US today in an official marriage is less than half of adult citizens. In the 1960s, this figure was 72%.Of special value in the demographic and sociological analysis of marriage and related phenomena is the combination of the age of the bride and groom. The age of men and women at marriage varies widely. There are marriages in which the husband is much older than his wife and vice versa when they are dating, but most often the man is on average 2-4 years older than his wife. Information on the age of marriage can be obtained from censuses and surveys of the population, as well as from the current record of demographic events.