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Interethnic marriages: advantages and disadvantages


Interethnic and interracial marriages appeared very early. To marry or date with a foreigner looks more prestigious. Nowadays the same situation is - mixed families are very popular. Figures of statistics tell us about 1990s that the share of mixed marriages for Russian people was 22%. And already in the mid-2000s, interethnic unions in the capital were found for 58%. At the same time, an ethnic family, as a rule, is twice as likely to be created by Russian beautiful women, rather than Russian men. There are both critics and supporters of such marriages.

Minuses of interethnic marriages

Usually there are important aspects of everyday life for a woman and man who date with each other, such as daily observance of rituals and customs, culinary traditions, and religious rituals, which are of particular importance not only during various posts and major religious holidays, but also during the organization and celebration of the wedding, at birth and upbringing children ... That is, with any positive or negatively significant events of life. Often, an important role in the new place of residence is played by the language barrier. It's no secret that almost each Russian man and woman of foreigners, "divorced from the roots," misses home, home and friends, loved places and even, as it is not trivial, the usual food. Of course, in comparison with great love, all this is trifles. But from such grains, life develops.

Pros of interethnic marriages
According to psychologists, interethnic marriages teach the society of tolerance and ability to treat each woman and man who date with each other of different nations with understanding, contribute to the improvement of relations between countries and ethnic groups. Thanks to such families, legal conflicts between states are more often and more discussed and resolved, mutual interest in culture and history is growing in the social life of another people.
Psychologists are sure: it does not matter whether it is a one-national union or a multinational union. The well-being, harmony and strength of the family depends only on the man and woman of this family: from the ability to forgive and forget offenses, tolerance and patience, openness to new experience and respect, from warmth and fullness of feelings, trust to each other, serious attitude to family and partner you date with, responsibility , mutual affection and love.