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Ideal woman for men


In marriage,ladies are convinced that for her chosen one she will remain the only one for life. However, not always these expectations are justified. This is evidenced by the statistics of divorces. Who is to blame for this? Often, both. Therefore, in order to protect ourselves from conflicts, scandals and destruction of the family, we offer you to read several commandments of the ideal wife who will help you in any incomprehensible situation to protect your marriage and save it. So, how to be the perfect ladies?

Take the husband as he is, do not try to redeem him. Be wise and tolerant.

Do not treat a man as his property. Ladies and mans need a personal space, an opportunity to make a choice, a certain freedom. We all need to sometimes relax in the company of friends, relax. At times, a man feels an acute need to stay in a purely male company. After all, you do not have the pleasure of meeting and chatting with your girlfriends?

Let the husband be a husband. Many ladies are exacerbated by the maternal instinct, which extends not only to children but also to men. Excessive burns and experiences on your part will soon deprive the man of the opportunity.Lead yourself so that his confidence in his own superiority grows. Let him consider himself smart, beautiful, and successful, even if sometimes he does not reach such a high praise, support it in the desire to be better, to do something for you, let it be a nail, then there will be more.

Love yourself You do not want to turn into a careless man in a car wash, a nanny, a cook ... you are a woman beautiful and unique in nature. Stay for him in a sophisticated and desirable woman. Keep track of your appearance, be careful and stylish. A man must be proud and admired by you.

Be different and flexible. Become irreplaceable for him: a passionate mistress, a wonderful mistress, a caring mother of common children, an interesting companion, defenseless and weak, but at the same time strong when life circumstances require it.

Be able to understand and support a man. Let him feel that he can always rely on you that you will be beside him in the mountains and in joy.

Build a balanced, equal relationship. Divide your duties competently, evenly. None of you should feel limited in rights.

If you follow these tips, you will soon see improvements in your marriage. Your efforts will probably not remain unnoticed, and your marriage will again reign in love and harmony.