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I Have Spent A Lot Of Time Waiting For You


Any good dating process always leads to the trip – real meeting. From one hand, that is usually an exciting thing for people who are going to meet, but from the other had its very unpredictable and full of adventures. If we are meaning women and girls from Russia or any other Slavic country, you should be prepared for the most unpredictable things: from what to dress to what to say. Anyway, there are a lot of questions to be discussed before the actual Russian trip. They can be really useful and make even the most nervous man – confident.

What Are The Topics To Avoid?

It’s quite easy to understand that virtual communication and real meeting with Russian lady are pretty opposite, so it’s easy to predict what can happen to men and women. Although, there is one more important problem to be picked up among all: how to make your conversation interesting? Most likely, you will be thinking about it in advance, but do you know about those which you need to avoid when discussing with charming Russian lady? Here are a few, which any of the women will not like:

1. Difficult parent-child relations: if you are suffering bad relations with your parents it’s better not to say about it when meeting the person for the first time. As you know, most Russian ladies are very close in relations with their families and stay in good relations with their family members. That is why, most of the women can react badly on things like those when you tell them during the first meeting, so it’s better to prepare them, at first.

2. Financial situation: never talk openly how much money you earn, especially if you see the lady for the first time. Most of the women consider this openness weird and not correct. Never say how much money have you spent on the trip to your woman, never complain and try to be as kin as you can.

3. Weather conditions: this is probably one of the most boring things in the world. When you start to talk to Russian lady about your weather this can mean that there are not more topics to talk about.

4. Occupation and job: of course you should not avoid this topic to the full, it’s nice to tell a few sentences, but it’s always better to talk about it without unnecessary details. Try to show the general meaning and do not turn your meeting with women that dramatic.

5. Past relations: try to avoid stories about your exes in order to avoid unnecessary situations. It’s better to focus on the future and never on the past.