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How women choose men


Why do women choose some men and hardly see others? What is a perfect man for women? All Russian and Ukrainian girls choose a man with a high status for relationship and marriage. It's not just power and money. The internal consistency of a man, the certainty that he is able to be her support and protection, is the main index of attractiveness for women. Even without thinking about their thoughts and actions, any woman instinctively looks for this status in every man and almost instantly feels it.

Women see the potential of men

I think everyone can remember the cases when a beautiful friend, an intelligent girl fell in love with the "wrong guy" and did not lose. What helps Russian or Ukrainian girls in lean lieutenant to see the future general in lean lieutenant, and throwing a big city to hang out with him over remote garrisons? And what helps Russian beautiful girls to see the future millionaire in a penniless student and to climb to the top of success with him? Of course love, but what is it based on, what made the girl fall in love and think about marriage in the future? It is the status, or rather the properties of the character, which make it possible to judge that this man will be a good support for his wife and children. What are these properties?

Important rules to remember

All girls, especially Russian ladies, like ambitiousness. If you do not strive for more, it causes pity and fright that the girl who will be next to him will never thing anything better in marriage and life. Even with an impressive income, the one who stopped loses a lot in the female eyes. The pursuit of success is one of the most important qualities of men in the eyes of women. They also like humor. Witty and cheerful men have always been loved by women. In their eyes, the looseness and readiness for a joke is a sign of self-confidence.

Women choose modest men for marriage and life. Braggart quickly loses respect for the girl, she knows how to understand when a person is self-confident, knows his worth and when he simply boasts. Bragging with one's own strength, power, importance or sexuality is a true sign of low status. Smart women do not notice such people.

Sensitivity is also important.Show that, despite the fact that you are a man you know human feelings that you are able to love and empathize. The manifestation of weakness of a strong man touches women, causes them a tide of tenderness.