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How to get acquainted with a lady in the gym


Once we insistently wrote that men should never try to meet a girl in the gym. We said the female singles did not go there for that; they do not look good enough there and they do not feel confidently. Well, we change our opinion. However, the problem here is that there are girls who really came for the good results, but instead become the object of attention of men. Believe it or not, some girls do not care about men's attention if they are seriously involved in something. But if for a girl gym is just one of the hobbies, then it's quite possible to try it.

How to behave? Find right time

You should visit the same gym, the same rooms and try to chat with her. The female singles, after all, is definitely going to some specific, most suitable time for them. Let the girl get used to you, see a familiar face in you, maybe even begin to start a chat with her. Choose the right moment in the rooms in the gym for a chat with her. Many of female singles are lonely, who are not averse to having a close relationship with a person who also adheres to healthy views on life. However, none of them will like it when a man comes to ladies to get acquainted in the midst of a grueling workout, when they do the next cardio or raise the bodybuilder. They are as much concentrated as possible, and then some man comes and starts to pester them with questions - you will cause the girl only irritation.

Relax and be yourself

Be yourself. Absolutely banal advice in practice means only that men not need to show themselves as pickup masters. The easiest way to say “Hi” to female singles in rooms in the gym, just go, start a chat and say: "Hello!" And do not forget to smile. And there is one more thing. Some girls do not want to communicate with a guy who smells not good. And do not need this: "Let her see me as I am!”! Give her time. The gym is a hobby that quickly becomes a habit. During the training, hormones of joy are produced, and a sense of self-confidence makes people be sure that each training makes them better. Appear more often, talk to her, pretend that you are not pretending to be anything (but do not be too nice). Now try to find out if a lady has a boyfriend. Then suggest going to drink a cup of tea after training, for example, on Friday. You can also discuss the result in the gym in the rooms for chat in the internet. The girl just will not refuse.