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How to find a wife


Many men around the world, either he is Russian, Iranian, Spanish or American are wondering how to find a good wife. Is there a special service to help them? You can find her anywhere: street, work, dating online service, your surroundings. You have time to think everything over when you are dating, before getting married. Unlike women, the older a man is, the more enviable he is as a bridegroom.

Wife's search rules

No matter whether she is American, Russian or Turkish, wife is created not for entertainment, providing you service or pleasure. It is important to choose what you are getting to know, either to find a wife, or have fun. The more women will be in your life, the less will be your ability to love. Look for the one for which you are ready to take absolute responsibility and will be able to respect her as a woman! Do not judge her by the way she cooks. This can be learned by any person. Just give her time while you are dating and help her in this. Remember that she grew up in another family and there are other traditions of cooking and eating. When the conversation has started and suddenly she is offended for something for the first time, do not be angry with this and do not rush to apologize. Take it easy, with patience. Then her emotions will calm down, and you will be in her eyes a reliable man, and not a rag.

Some more recommendations

Never promise more than you can give. Less is better, but 100% fulfilling your promises. Make a choice either be a husband, or be an eternal bachelor. Decide if you want this endless dating, or loving wife. You cannot combine incompatible. Do not react to negative emotions of women. Let them cool down! Then she will calm down and show you that you are to blame for everything, and now she was fired.

Very important is the fact that you need to immediately determine your views on life and ask a general course in life, otherwise the fight of views will begin later. You cannot put neither Russian or American woman in a suspended position. She must be confident in you. You must give her perfect service in everything. She needs to see what awaits you in the future together. Feel that the woman you are interested in and you are ready to show serious intentions. Do not pull; speak directly, like a man! And remember, whatever nationality she is (Mexican, Italian or Russian) all women what to love and be loved!