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A Girl Should Be Two Things: Classy and Fabulous


Interesting, polite, intelligent, loyal, communicative and generous: most of Russian ladies have a long list of the qualities for their perfect man to possess. So what kind of men is the best match for Slavic girls? Most of the ladies prefer their man to be good-looking within reasonable limits. Of course, if a man looks at the mirror longer than a lady it’s not accepted by Russian females. Man should always be a man in his actions, but the macho that is weak does not look that fashionable. Most of the girls are in search of the reliable partner, not a friend. Another thing which can catch the lady’s attention is the issue of prospect and it has nothing common with the amount of money he has in the wallet. If the man has a goal and follows it, that can be the issue of a good sign. He has to be strong in his believes for the future even if this “future” never comes.

Speaking Comes By Nature, Silence By Understanding

What is the conversation and how does it help to settle the understanding between guys and girls? Actually, that is the part of any healthy relation and it doesn’t matter if that is a friendship or love. Talking is the key point in developing connection. If you want to get to know a Russian lady better, you need to learn how to conquer her heart with words which are followed by actions and this should be initiated by a nice conversation. The proverb says, “Girls like with their ears” and so you should learn the knowledge of exciting expression which can surprise and Russian lady.

No one Ever Made A Difference By Being Like Every One Else

Here are some useful topics to talk about when meeting Russian and not only girls:

· Childhood Memories: Childhood can raise positive emotions in anyone. This topic will make her feel secure with you.

· Traveling: This topic can tell you about places she wants to visit, which characterizes her from various sides.

· Family: You should check out if your plans for future are similar, or else it will painfully ruin your relationships.

· Hobbies: It can tell what kind of things your girl likes and dislikes. Knowing about a woman’s hobbies not only reveals who she is and if she has an interesting life.


Wanted Wife, Preferably from Ukraine


Surely until now you have made many attempts to find a companion, maybe you visited an agency to help you but could not quickly achieve the result. And then you promise yourself to find her in a short term. It may sound stupid; however, this time is enough to find a good wife from Ukraine.

Places You Can Use for Dating

The first is quick dates. It is the format of short meetings, which we borrowed from America. Now they have got quite a good start in Ukraine. With a probability of 95%, women who attend such events do not even have a partner. So, you have every chance to find your future wife with almost no competition. Also, you can try places where there are more women than men. Such places include sections of yoga, dances and others. Similar to this is training. Of course, it should be such training, where there are many women. For example, you know that soon there will be seminar. How to find a husband. All you need to do is find out where and when it takes place and act.


Weddings are a good place to look for a future wife in Ukraine. The main thing is to choose a girl who is older than 25. As a rule, this is the audience that is not interested in free relations. And if this one sees that her friend is getting married, and then you will just have to meet, start dating and make her agree to marry you.

Internet dating is perhaps the easiest and at the same time complicated way. Easy, because you do not have to go out and get acquainted, overcoming fear and excitement. Complicated, because everyone uses this source, and your future wife can have many virtual fans. In order not to lose time use the search of girls through the purpose of acquaintance, or you can address to the special agency. In agency, you can choose exactly those girls who are aimed at creating a family, and do not waste time on everyone else.

And finally you can meet her on the street. If you are serious, then you should try the most standard kind of dating. Statistics tell us that you can seduce and marry a girl even after a street acquaintance. Therefore, as soon as you have free 5 minutes do not lose a minute and go to the girl you like.

No matter what you choose, meeting on the street or going to wedding agency don’t forget to listen to your heart, that’s your best helper.


An open relationship or who are they profitable for?


Afree, “no strings attached” relationship, imply that a man and a woman may have partners on the side, and this situation suits the couple quite well.
However, how sincere are in their beliefs supporters of free love (men and women), and what pitfalls exist in such relationships?

Key factors in relationship

When considering such relations it is worth considering if people who date live together or separately. If a couple takes an apartment in half, they have nothing to do with non-binding relationships, and sex without obligations is one situation. It is completely permissible. If one of the couple moves to the territory of the partner, then there is no need to talk about the free relationship, because the dependence of one person on another arises. And here from the side of the "receiver" there may well be claims. The most common variant of free relations (when women and men date) is when partners live separately. Usually the initiators of such guest relations are men, and infantile, selfish, loving to walk and not ready to take responsibility.
If an open relationship is offered by women, then she too, most likely, will prove to be a loving lady, or a lady intending to keep a man next to her at any cost.

Advantages and disadvantages of open relationship

The pluses include respect for personal freedom and the absence of the need to share property when they date or get married. Also, men and women can not to communicate with relatives and friends of each other. The feeling of ownership, however, will still be present in the relationship, because in the long-term communication one way or another, there will be emotional attachment. Another thing that a partner can always put in place a reminder of freedom: "Are you that jealous? We agreed on the absence of obligations.

The disadvantages of free relations are their fragility and unwillingness to take responsibility. If both partners are aimed at a joint life (to date with each other) and children, then there can be no talk of freedom. We insist that babies are born in marriage, it will be fair to them - children should not suffer because of parents' free views on a joint life.

Everyone else wants to find a couple, because a person cannot live alone. "Better than unity and reliability, better than family back in life, there is nothing. Everything else is coming and going. And all people eventually come to this idea, believe us. Choose to love.


Leave a Little Sparkle Whenever You Go


Have you ever asked yourself why girls from Ukraine are so requested? And what are the best ways to meet them online? You can find the answer to your question in this article. First of all, ladies from Ukraine are nice-looking because of their affiliation to Caucasian race. Most of the girls can boast with different types of the hair: blond, brown, brunette and red. Their skin is always fair and soft. The colors of their eyes can differ in any shades starting from gray and ending with dark brown. The figures of their body are always slim and it may seem that the beauty is flying everywhere.

I am Who I am

Most of all girls from Ukraine are popular because of their shining beauty which is completely right. How about intelligence, charm and values? It’s not a secret that Ukrainian ladies are good at obtaining their degrees in the best Universities and show their smartness by knowing a lot of things about the world. In addition, ladies from Ukraine are fond of nice clothing as well as good make-up, which makes them even more gorgeous than they are. Ukrainian girls like high hills, even they are just walking. Ukrainian woman is tender and likes when man loves her, hugs and sometimes brings presents. At the same time she is always ready to support her man if there is some difficult situation at work or anywhere else.

Real Girls Are Never Perfect. Perfect Girls Are Never Real

After having the exact image of the girls from Ukraine,there is no wonder that any man wants to know how to get her. It’s not hard and can be easily done by online dating, especially if you are a foreigner. The only thing you need is to find a nice site and to fulfill your profile.This is probably the most important step in the whole process. Your profile is your first impression in the online dating world, and it can make or break whether potential partners are interested in you. During the communication with potential partners, always remember to be a gentleman.Being polite and kind to everyone you interact with communicates that you're a quality person, online and off, who's worthy of respect and attention.


Love at First Sight


`Is there a love at first sight that can lead to marriage? Scientists often divide love and attraction in three phases: desire, love and affection. Desire is considered to be the phase that comes the most quickly. But this phase does not really imply strong feelings that can grow into marriage, it rather relates to physical attraction. We very quickly decide that someone is too short, too tattooed, or too smartly dressed. And just as quickly our interest can be caused by a pair of beautiful eyes or sexy forearms.

We May Fool Ourselves

Deeper love suggests that we do not just believe that another person is physically attractive, but we also fall in love with his other qualities. We can’t understand what the inner qualities are at one moment, and this testifies against love at first sight. But our brains not always understand that we really can’t recognize the inner qualities of ladies or men, hardly glancing at them. 

The halo effect implies that we tend to believe that a person with certain qualities that we like has other positive for us properties. When we see ladies or guys attractive to us, we often tend to ascribe to them other positive qualities: we immediately begin to believe that they are more pleasant, more fun and more intelligent than other ladies and men. Our bias makes us believe that we can learn something about another person only by looking at him. And we start imagining marriage, children and becoming old together.

Love and Rationalism

Although it is purely rational, we can’t fall in love with someone seriously on the basis of just one glance. We can fall in love with the image that we created for ourselves. Although love at first sight is based on unreliable information, this does not mean that it does not exist. And as for love in general, we behave irrationally not only in this aspect. Love is not rational at all, we tend to idealize a partner with whom we are in love.

Summarizing, we can say that, it seems we can fall in love at first sight. And much indicates that this phenomenon affects more than just desire or physical attraction both among ladies and men. Love at first sight is a strong and real feeling, even if it is not based on a rational and correct assessment of a person. But the fact that we choose a partner for serious relations or marriage in such an illogical way is not necessarily bad. Relationships may well persist and develop further when we get to know each other truly.