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How to Choose a Wife? Typical Mistakes in Choosing a Wife


The paradox is that most men do not choose her at all. They marry the first women they meet. Or women who wanted to marry them.

Mistake № 1: A Man Does Not Choose His Wife

It is necessary to understand that there are a lot of women to date with, not only in general, but also around every man. You need to get up from the couch, from the computer, and go to places where people concentrate. And you can go not necessarily to clubs. You are free to meet a beautiful wife on the street, at the bus stop, in the transport, online. But, most importantly, do not rush to the woman you met, as if it's Eve or the last woman in the world. Take her address, telephone number and feel free to invite her to date.

Listen to your body

That is, if you and this woman have a genetically predisposed for multiplying together your organisms will clearly demonstrate this. A man will have a persistent and irresistible sexual desire, a craving for this woman. And a woman, after date this man, will understand that as well.  Further, very quickly, almost instantly, this physiology grows into a feeling of love for this woman or this man.

Mistake №2

Even if the woman you date is beautiful, intelligent, decent, and with other virtues, but you are not in love with her passionately, then this woman does not suit you. How to prevent this mistake in choosing a wife? Listen to your body and your sexual feelings, first of all.

Here are some properties of women who make her a good wife for any normal man.

1) Kindness is the desire and ability to deliver joy to othersfreeof charge, and not indifference and embarrassment in dealing with them.

2) The sense of responsibility, adulthood. It is the ability to answer one's thoughts and actions.

3) Modesty is the ornament of any woman, and even more so, the wife. Modesty, moreover, is an attribute of the mind; self-sufficiency and self-confidence are signs of a person's maturity.

4) Ability and desire to enjoy life and feel free. A man burdened by his wife and family, is characterized by severity and seriousness. Therefore, a good wife should always raise his vitality with his life-affirming behavior.