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Here Comes the Bride


The most special day of your life – what is it: Jubilee, Birthday Day, or Wedding? It depends on every person individually. But most of them consider the wedding days as the happiest day in the life. It’s the beginning of your life with someone and as a result, it’s a great way to taste new emotions, new things and tasks. During the period of preparing a lot of people like to have the title of brides and grooms and most of them are inspired of the unknown future. The process of wedding is a great thing, especially in Ukraine. The brides are in the center of the attention not because they are celebrities but because they radiate the glove of love for all over the Universe. A lot of ladies from Ukraine have a long preparation for this special day as the happiest in the life.

Today a Bride Tomorrow a Wife

All of the brides are mostly worried about their wedding outlook: hairstyles, dresses, shoes and related things. A lot of ladies in Ukraine care about every detail. Many people think it’s not necessary, but in the result the festive days become a real fairy tale. Of course, this requires a lot of hard work, planning and time. It’s not always about something new or completely different. The process itself is complicated and most of the brides take the responsibility more that the grooms do. And actually, it’s not just about Ukraine. With a little planning and practices, you and your entire bridal party will be perfect.

I Will Find You for a Life Time

There are a lot of wedding traditions in Ukraine for brides, grooms and guests. Among them we can distinguish:

· “Girko” bowing. What is this? It’s a small interval between dancing and eating which usually makes the couple to kiss each other.

· Daddy dance is a touching tradition, when a bride dances with her father and give him thanks about upbringing and nice years of life.

· Covering with the kerchief. In the end of the wedding day the mother-in-law of the bride covers her head with the kerchief which means that from now she is a wife.