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Features of communication in the Internet


The Internet today is a special sphere of interpersonal relations, a new field of psychology which, probably, will only be studied by specialists. It can even be said that the worldwide network has spawned a new subculture into which all new users are unconsciously drawn. Of course, virtual traditions that have been formed for several decades may seem strange to the new user. Not because someone came up with some rules.

Welcome to the Internet

Take this important component of communication in rooms for chat between singles and other people. At a meeting it is accepted to greet, it is possible to tell a basis, at all not cultural and normal behavior. On the Internet, when you go into rooms for a chat or dating or forum, it's not accepted to say hello, it's like saying loudly in an overcrowded tram or supermarket. Probably guess what will be the reaction of others. And the fact that this tradition does not exist when communicating on the Internet on busy venues, such as forums, does not mean that people have become less cultural, but simply greetings interfere with communication. The dating forum for singles is like a big hall where participants and new users come and go, and if everyone starts talking with "Hello", and wait until they answer it, there will not be any way to talk.

Features of the treatment on the Internet

The whole charm of the online communication between singles in its full anonymity, you absolutely do not know with whom you communicate in rooms for chat in the Internet. Maybe some singles have a nickname for something, but in most cases it's just a set of characters, and even the full name does not mean anything. Under the name of the user, there may be a sixty-year-old grandmother, who, in her old age, has mastered the Internet and is bored with a chat for dating, or a bald guy who decided to have fun. Therefore, the feature of communication on the Internet is that any curtsey and respectful treatment does not make sense. And sometimes you'll even have to prove something to the robot for a long time without even realizing it.
With the advent of the Internet, there are a lot of new words and terms, the values ​​of which beginners often do not just do not understand, they have their specials sense in the rooms for dating or for speaking.