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The Best Cloth the Woman Can Wear is Confidence!


For a long period “single” people, especially ladies were considered spinsters. Luckily, the 21stcentury has dispelled this myth and got it improvement. Most of single feel well about career (on the first place) and for intimacy behind the marriage. The realities show that most of the ladies feel great in getting married later that early 20s. Nobody feels strange if an older lady is not married but feels great with her job. So, why there are so many obstacles in the image of a single girl? The word “girl” initially means “immaturity” but with the notion of “strong ladies” the meaning of the word was lost.  We don't use the word anymore, but the image of “spinster'” or “old maid” fills the empty space.

She Conquered her Demons and Wore Her Scars Like Wings

What will we say about intimacy and romance? This question is getting sharpen when we come to single men and ladies. A lot of women in long-term marriages still enjoy romantic connections but there are still many who don’t. Some ladies accept this problem but other can easily find it easy to overcome. The same thing is about single people. A lot of people who have lived alone for a long time like the process of being lonely. Some other feel it depressive. That’s why, the thing depends on people personally and there is n need t judge anybody.

Celebrate Her!

When comparing single men to women, males do not get much facing of a biological time clock and they are not stigmatized. However, they both face similar issues. Surely, most men and ladies, especially if they are alone, have heard the question about “getting married” at least once. Maybe single will never be an institution like marriage, but it could become a way of life with its own challenges and rewards. Although, this is a long and a boring way to make it a natural thing. The thing now comes to stereotypes and the way we are going to get rid of them. Most people do not pay much attention to it, but those who are addicted to them are really facing a lot of troubles. This is the way of thinking and as soon as it’s going to change we are getting into a big stuck.


Myths of everyday life: no one owes anything to anyone! Is it true?


Recently, on the Internet, we found an article that was addressed to the dating relationship between man and woman, inviting him to live with the thought: “No one owes you anything,” “no one owes anything to anyone.” Moreover, these ideas were filed as a practice of everyday life. And indeed, through the media, films, magazines, we hear similar ideas that supposedly help a person, make his life comfortable. If you do not have expectations - then there will be no disappointment. Is it really so? Could this even be true?

The motto of modern society

When I hear the words “nobody owes anything to anyone,” I get the feeling that this is a person who has no social responsibility in dating relationship of a woman and man. In reality, a person lives in a society. And within the framework of public life, a woman or man has obligations to other people. “Nobody owes anything to anyone” and “should not have expectations from other people” - this idea is false in its essence and harmful, only for the simple reason that there is no dialogue in this idea, no interaction between woman and man, no agreements, no relations. This idea destroys the collective identity. Since no one owes anything to anyone, it turns out a person can do without another. The idea, reflected in the title of the article, can be called the motto of the society of dating egoists. But in reality, we are seeing something completely different. Without such a person, a person ceases to be a person, because only in dialogue with another, a person retains himself, his human. Even Robinson needed Friday to remain human.


The unity of must and should


The idea is that we have to and not have to be at the same time, that someone should and should not be something to us at the same time. We must and must not. Simultaneously, in the unity of this "must" and "should not." The question is in context, place, time, situation, Measure - as the unity of categories of quantity and quality in its wholeness in dating relationship. Man cannot separate himself from society either physically, psychologically or culturally, otherwise he will cease to be a man. Without people, but in dialogue, respectively, psychologically, he is already in society. How does culture, as an entity, take away from a person? Only if it was turned into an animal, in this case, there remained a bit of social, and, therefore, cultural interaction between people.


She Leaves A Little Sparkle Wherever She Goes!


Any relations on distance, being it real or online, is a good challenge in any case! It does not matter who you are: a foreigner, a Russian or a Ukrainian. Whatever is your origin and story, you need to know Russian customs, traditions and ways of interactions, if you are really willing to install a successful real dating as well as an online dating. What do traditional males in Russia look like? They have been known as a stronger part, which is superior to women. The Russian wives are known as the ladies, who keep the cozy house, take care after kids and perform household obligations while the men are meant to be the bread winners and the masters of the place. Here is how it was historically for the dating and marriage. As for the Russian ladies, they are known as strong and hardworking, those who are able to keep both husband and children. They so not concentrate on the dating much, they are willing to get married quickly that is why they are popular among foreign men.

Love is What You Do, not What You Say

What are the most useful tips for a person who is dating Russian lady and wants to find out if this lady is real? Look it up:

· Unclear profile – when the lady does not put any of real photos online, this can mean she is not real and can use pictures of differently other person. If that happens, you should better ask for lifetime pictures from the very beginning, so you can make sure that you are talking to a real person!

· Asking for money – it can happen that the lady can apply a man for money for different reasons. Actually, most of the women who are seeking for relations do not act like this. That’s why, it can be a reason for the doubts.

· Proclaiming for the endless love - after exchanging messages for a few weeks, it just sounds peculiar for them to be professing their love for you even both of you haven’t had an in-person meeting yet. This could be a scammer. Always go with your gut with this one. Most of the cases show that this lady is not serious in her intents.


The Key to Happy Love: First Become Friends


Some believe that true love begins with friendship. Others object: these are two different types of relationships for which there are separate “shelves” in our brain. Who is right?

Love after friendship - does it even work?

Network relationship experts love to frighten readers with a mysterious “friend zone”: hitting it supposedly means that you will forever remain in the eyes of a potential partner, “just a friend.” And what is about reality? Psychologist Lucy Hunt (Lucie Hunt) conducted a survey of 167 couples between men and women to find out what the circumstances of their acquaintance were how they were looking for each other. Each participant was interviewed separately. The results were divided approximately equally: 40% said they were friends before becoming lovers, and 41% said they fell in love with each other immediately. 19% of couples had no agreement at all about how their story began.

Lucy Hunt decided to find out if couples-friends are different from couples that have developed on the basis of sexual attraction. She assumed that in the first case personal qualities, compatibility of characters and temperaments of men and women who were looking for love, common tastes and interests (that is, what the future can provide stability for the couple) play a more important role, and in the second, external data and the attractiveness of the image in general. 

Friendship - the foundation of a couple

Social psychologist Grace Cornish (Grace Cornish) argues that men and women,whose relationship began with friendship, behave more flexibly in the event of conflict and are more attentive to each other's feelings: “As friends, you feel sympathy for each other. You learn to respect each other. You are looking to learn a lot about each other. Friendship is the foundation that can make the whole structure of a couple more durable. ”

In addition, according to the psychologist, in such couples there is much more trust and sincerity between men and women: “If you have a real strong friendship, you will not have to pretend to be who you are not, in order to please your beloved one. Some people are looking to keep themselves within the framework only until they cross the threshold of the family home. But your true nature will manifest itself, if you communicate as friends. There is no place for the game, because you need not make an impression, but find a partner for communication.


The advantages of dating sites


In the modern world it is almost impossible to imagine life without the Internet. We look for work through social networks, have chatrooms with friends, read downloaded books, learn information from digital sources. Does it make sense and love to search on the Internet? At the moment, dating online will not surprise anyone. It has ceased to be something immoral and mocking. Since most people spend a huge amount of time online, it’s not surprising that relationships can begin with innocent correspondence.

Dating through social networks and websites is a great option for those singles who are not very sociable in the world, hesitate to appear at noisy parties, and in companies they are unsure of themselves and more often stay away from the main fun. In the online space, you can relax ,have chatrooms  and not enter into "live" communication until a sincere mutual interest appears.

Communication via the Internet allows singles to make a first impression about the person before the meeting, in order to avoid disappointment during the date. If woman are bored even in correspondence with a man, and in one sentence he makes many elementary mistakes, then woman will no longer want to continue to communicate live.

On the Internet there are several other rules of conduct and etiquette. And if on the street singles hardly dare to approach the man you like and offer acquaintance, then woman can write in the network space first, it will not spoil your reputation and, moreover, will not surprise anyone.

Woman can have chatrooms and communicate with several men at once, whether or not to meet in real life with virtual elects - you decide for yourself, but it’s important that no one can convict you of being immoral. After all, virtual flirting is innocent, until it goes beyond the monitor.

Chatrooms allows singles  to immediately find out each other’s interests, see if you have a sense of humor, if there are any points of intersection, if the goals are the same. This helps not to waste time on unpromising meetings. After all, if a man has a goal “a lover for 1-2 times”, and in your plans to start a family - it is immediately obvious that you are not a couple.