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Factors That Influences the Choice of the Partner


Have you ever wondered why you are dating certain person? Is he similar to your parents, your best friend, you or is he absolutely opposite? The answer is simple: our subconscious is determined long before the fateful meeting.

Attraction Is a Sign of Health

What is the ideal of beauty depends on the culture of society and the way your parents brought you up and cannot be permanent. In most cultures, symmetrical body and face are considered attractive. Also, the attraction is caused by sexual signs, that is, parts of the body that are affected by hormones testosterone or estrogen.

The first communication skills also play an important role in choosing a partner: we are very attracted to people who are somewhat similar to our parents or first friend. The main thing is that you have a positive experience of communication, and now you believe that everything will be the same.

Often we choose a single based on the principle of similarity not only internal, but also external. We want to think and feel equally, or even look the same. Unfortunately, such dating often end in failure as similarity turns into competing.

Often when we are single we choose the other half trying to find someone who will support the positive image of ourselves. The logic is this: If I am dating with handsome, smart, and rich man and he loves me, then I really deserve all this.

Another principle of choosing a partner is the exchange of dissociation. When we are single, we transfer to others those qualities that we do not like in ourselves. In this case, the partner has the same problems as we do, but in a more pronounced form. This allows us not to notice our own shortcomings while dating, while the partner becomes the bearer of all those properties that we do not like in ourselves.

Opposites Attract

You have the makings of those qualities that you see in a partner, for example, determination, activity, leadership, but you don’t show them for some reason. Discovering its potential in a single, we realize ourselves.

We also choose a partner based on the attractiveness of genetic factors. We look for those beautiful physical features that we or our parents lack. Nature always strives to improve the genome pattern. That is why couples with different genetic portraits are often surprisingly harmonious.

And most importantly is that nothing will happen without love. Be honest with yourself and love for real!