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European men and relations in their family


A foreign husband, especially the marriage with a foreigner is a very interesting topic in a modern society. Why do foreign men seek Russian women? Read in our article. Let's talk about your potential husbands. About those men who are worthy of your attention: about European men! A lot of myths are created about them. What is the reality of husbands - foreigners? Let's try to highlight the main features that determine the overall mentality of a modern European man.

Foreign men live by the principle "Live and enjoy this world"

European men and women do not live twisted in the clouds; erecting castles, do not make plans that cannot be implemented. The European man does not exaggerate his capabilities, while clearly understand what they want from life and follow the intended goal. Therefore,women must have seen that the expressions of foreigners are different from ours; they are distinguished by their openness. Why foreign men often look younger, and it is difficult to determine their age. They have no concern, tension. Foreigners do not like with gloomy faces, complaints about personal problems, and try to avoid negativity. Europeans respect women, a Russian wife for a foreign man is a friend, an equal partner, at the same time foreign men appreciate women's beauty and know how to admire her while they are dating even!

Family Attitudes

Foreign men and Russian women have a common life value when they are dating- this is a family. For example, for Italians, the family is sacred! The Chinese are hardworking and faithful husbands for their wives! In different European countries, their way of life and their traditions, but in all European countries from the earliest childhood the boys learn the commandment that the family is serious! Before entering into marriage, during dating, a male foreigner will assess his material possibilities, whether he will be able to provide a decent life for his chosen one, and give a good education to his children. Early marriages in 19-20 years are extremely rare, as they are carefully prepared for such a serious step during dating and other things. European legislation allows people to marry fairly easily (legally) and on the other hand, there is a long and complex procedure for divorce. In the case of disputable judicial matters, the decision is almost unequivocally pronounced in favor of women and children.