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Don’t Stop Until You Are Proud


For centuries, a step for marriage has been considered as the main institution during the life. Nowadays, despite the fact that a lot of people still keep this concept, a big part of the society still prefer to be single. Moreover, this issue was popular among males recently, however, at the present, the thing became popular between females as well. This is true that the number of females who would rather enjoy their single life has increased recently. But what are the things which influenced such kind of change? Let’s stop and try to study out.

Be Happy Whenever Possible

First of all, the reason comes out from the childhood. It often happens that some amount of people is brought up in the society which does not have a nice model of a happy family. This means that a lot of females and males are depraved of the true family understanding. Most of these people are single because they are sure that they will never meet a right person to share the life with.  Secondly, the problem may also be in females and males themselves as far as they are possessing to many expectations from their ideal match and when they do not meet such a person, they tend to stay single. Another reason is the failure of the previous relations which is a great obstacle to break up with the single life. A lot of males and females would rather stay alone than get another disappointment.

A Few Bad Chapters Do Not Mean Your Story is Over

Looking back at the history says that females did not have that much chance for the choice of staying single or get married.  The reason lies under the social situation which did not allow for a woman to be in equal rights with the man. Most of the ladies could not find their husbands themselves because it was the task of their parents. You could never know what kind of man would follow you along the life. However, after a few years this tendency ended up with more freedom allowed for woman and as a result, the notion of marriage got less importance. At this point, ladies tried to get married a bit later in their older ages than their parents did, for instance. That’s why the rates for divorcement reached their top. From the other hand, it’s still too personal thing and we can not judge people for being single or married. The proverb says, “Tastes differ” and we should never wait for the fate, but create it with our own hands.