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Don’t Be A Woman Who Needs A Man. Be A Woman A Man Needs


The present time is an iconic period not just to celebrate the important role of females but also to take into consideration the particular places where single ladies are still in unequal conditions. The notion of single lady has nothing common with the notion of spinster. Nowadays, a lot of social spheres promote lives of young females devoting it to the popularization of brighter opportunities including work, career, marriage and happy, carefree life. In fact, a lot of disagreements appear when doing the research. Firstly, the word “young” itself carries the meaning of childishness and impermanence. Secondly, when it comes to the marriage, young females face the empty space. But it’s the slip from single girl to spinster that creates so much anxiety for single women in their older ages.

Don’t Believe it? Do Research!

Many researches show much evidence the many single in their older ages feel more comfortable about their condition than those young females who consider themselves miserable when getting older and being unmarried. The type of vulnerability of young girls and marriage obsession deprive women from many nice things to enjoy. They put themselves into the frames and so they are more isolated than older single women and more likely to be lonely. Young females try to proclaim themselves independent, while older women try to enjoy their calm lives without much stress and activities. But there is considerable evidence that many older women live rich social lives, with more friends and stronger communities than married couples. So?

Two Sides Of Paradise: Which One To Go?

It’s always hard to decide when the thing comes to intimacy, the deep connection with one special person. It’s okay for females who are married for years, but not for all. Some married women find the romance a real problem, others don't. The same is true of single women. We are armed with millions of different social media articles which provide us with joys and sorrows of marriage. Actually, we need the same outpouring material about singles. That must be about equality, which is so desired nowadays.