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Every Love Story Is Beautiful


How did the process of marriage look in previous times?  Actually, the union of the bride and the groom was selected by third party and it was accepted okay by both, as the valuable tradition. Nowadays, everything has changed since then and it looks weird between not only Ukrainian people but worldwide. In fact every agency possesses modern services which are far from societies where such traditions still exist! Arranged marriage is always restricted as you do not have the freedom of choice: dating is omitted and you mostly need to keep the established rules. Ukrainian society is far from such traditions which make most of the men abroad come here and marry a beautiful lady without any social restriction. And that is why the role of the agency is always profound between two totally different individuals.

And Suddenly All the Love Songs Became About You

What is the benefit of looking for marriage online? Every dating agency shows its own evidence of successful marriages and it looks like that it has the chance to be true. The search shows that the higher number of people including Ukrainian part has found their second souls online. Wonder? A kind to be! Additionally, it has been concluded that internet dating is considered to be officially a successful way of meeting people, formulating friendships and establish romance, which actually ends with marriage. So, a lot of people all over the Europe including Ukrainian citizens enjoy this type of acquaintance and cooperate with the real agency to make this relation arranged!

Research Is Creating a New Knowledge

Most of European people along with Ukrainian who have currently used online dating show a lot of positive reviews about marriage via online. The experience showed that when couples spent time settling friendship through messaging and chatting after first meeting were desired to meet again. What are other interesting facts? The degree to which the couples interacted before meeting up seemed to play a vital role in the success of the relationship, even they acted through the agency. So, does it have a chance to be tried? Undoubtedly – yes!


Real Beauty


For many people it is no longer a secret that the Russian beauty is increasingly becoming the object of dreams of many foreigners. There is not one service that helps to find a bride from Russia nowadays. And this is not only due to the fact that Russian women are famous for their outstanding appearance, as in today's world beauty is not enough. 

In the modern world, women very often talk about their independence, they say they don’t need any help and can service themselves. Why does a man need dating a woman who knows everything herself? Nobody says that equality is bad. A woman doesn’t have to service a man all her life; every person should realize himself in this life. But the laws of nature should be in place. The man want dating gentle and fragile lady and the woman want to have a strong and confident partner next to her.

Harmony in Relationship

The man is the breadwinner and defender, the woman is the keeper of the hearth and the faithful companion. And when everything is in place there is peace and comfort in the family. And Russian women keep this simple secret of family happiness and educate it from a young age.

Many women in Russia are free to pursue careers, always strive to get higher education, and even not one. But at the same time, they remain always well-groomed, caring and cozy. After all, perfection demands balance and harmony.

Stereotypic views

Foreigners often say that main features of women in Russia besides the indescribable beauty are intelligence, faithfulness and caring personality. But, in recent years, an unseemly stereotype has also been clung to Russian ladies. Very often they are blamed to be chasing after money and being not serious. Men often, believing this stereotype to be true, present gifts and surround with attention, but do not consider it necessary to their promises. So there are stereotypes, when a hundred of silly girls spoil reputation to thousands.

But still dating Slavic woman is wonderful. After all, men prefer dating a self-sufficient, educated, wise and interesting lady, because she the only one, unique and the best. And dear men, don’t forget that as your car needs regular service, your woman needs to get attention and care regularly, then she will be willing to do everything for you.


How to get acquainted with a lady in the gym


Once we insistently wrote that men should never try to meet a girl in the gym. We said the female singles did not go there for that; they do not look good enough there and they do not feel confidently. Well, we change our opinion. However, the problem here is that there are girls who really came for the good results, but instead become the object of attention of men. Believe it or not, some girls do not care about men's attention if they are seriously involved in something. But if for a girl gym is just one of the hobbies, then it's quite possible to try it.

How to behave? Find right time

You should visit the same gym, the same rooms and try to chat with her. The female singles, after all, is definitely going to some specific, most suitable time for them. Let the girl get used to you, see a familiar face in you, maybe even begin to start a chat with her. Choose the right moment in the rooms in the gym for a chat with her. Many of female singles are lonely, who are not averse to having a close relationship with a person who also adheres to healthy views on life. However, none of them will like it when a man comes to ladies to get acquainted in the midst of a grueling workout, when they do the next cardio or raise the bodybuilder. They are as much concentrated as possible, and then some man comes and starts to pester them with questions - you will cause the girl only irritation.

Relax and be yourself

Be yourself. Absolutely banal advice in practice means only that men not need to show themselves as pickup masters. The easiest way to say “Hi” to female singles in rooms in the gym, just go, start a chat and say: "Hello!" And do not forget to smile. And there is one more thing. Some girls do not want to communicate with a guy who smells not good. And do not need this: "Let her see me as I am!”! Give her time. The gym is a hobby that quickly becomes a habit. During the training, hormones of joy are produced, and a sense of self-confidence makes people be sure that each training makes them better. Appear more often, talk to her, pretend that you are not pretending to be anything (but do not be too nice). Now try to find out if a lady has a boyfriend. Then suggest going to drink a cup of tea after training, for example, on Friday. You can also discuss the result in the gym in the rooms for chat in the internet. The girl just will not refuse.


Dating is about finding out who you are and who others are


What is online dating about? Actually it’s when people decide to establish relations with the help of the Internet. This global web helps people all over the world to stay in touch without feeling any borders and leads to the time chatting online.  These days, Russian people are not an exception and most of them find it more comfortable to talk online than face to face. The prospect of such kind of dating is an attractive option for Russian people. It always accompanies meeting new people, which is actually the revolution of relations, to some degree.

Materialistic things do not impress me. Your soul does

What is the main goal of dating online? Everyone who practiced it at least once in a life knows that the main purpose of things like this is someone he or she is compatible with and can carry on a relationship with.Most of Russian people prefer log-in place of meeting rather then looking for partner somewhere in clubs, pubs, etc. Moreover, Russian guys and ladies can better provide the information about themselves in their profile than in real life when meeting somebody at first time. They can emphasize on their unique and strong points and describe themselves creatively online, which is actually the key point to attract somebody’s attention.

I want to be your favorite “Hello” and your hardest “Goodbye”

Why is it so nervous and so exciting to make the move on people we like? Actually, the feeling of the first meeting can never be forgotten. But this is not about dating online. Actually it helps to make meeting face to face a bit easier. Why? Because both parties are meant to understand and to meet each other’s desires and to find out their preferences before they meet.  As simple as it is to meet, it is mirrored in break-ups too.It’s not a secret the ending relationships is easier online, and it doesn’t matter is you are Russian or Brazilian, it’s equal to any nationality.And obviously it is healthy as soon as you do not need to spoil your nerves fighting with dishes and breaking glass.


What Is Love?


To give a definition to love, we must first agree that when we say this word, we all understand it more or less equally. Since we are not talking about a phenomenon, about which there is some acceptable consensus it is hard to find the best definition even after looking on various sites. We all observe different things while dating; everyone calls love something of their own. Then the question if love is a social and cultural phenomenon, biological or some other is turned inside out on many sites.

Invention of European Novelists

Let’s suppose that we are interested in the social and cultural component of love. Until recently, the best popular position among anthropologists was that love is a social and cultural construct invented by European people somewhere in the Middle Ages, and has spread in the world relatively recently. It would seem like not the best point of view, if we give examples of love stories from the literature of other cultures, but, firstly, we perceive this literature through the prism of our representations, and secondly only local elites were described in the memorials concerns, and what anthropologists observe on sites has nothing to do with this. And in general, love can be declared a redundant concept, which duplicates the others, used to describe the dating between individuals in society. But since love has appeared, even if it was invented by European novelists, and disturbs contemporaries, it still has to be understood.

Recently, at one of the festivals, the film Sleepless in New York was shown about how people experience a break in dating. The main speaker tells that love is an addiction. In general, there are many critical words about love. But if we assume that a person is a creature endowed with not only self-consciousness but also an opportunity to rebuild oneself, it becomes possible to abandon the bad love and think of a new one which is better. That is, for example, to formulate the concept of the best harmonious dating and to declare that such relations should be considered true love.

On Which Sites Can I Find Something New About Love?

In general, returning to the opinion of the purely European character of the concept of love I’d like to admit that no matter how the ideas of love has been changed, whenever it seems that something new has appeared, you can open the dialogue Feast by Plato and make sure it is already said about it.