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Dating sites and serious relationships


Clients who suffer from forced loneliness come in the chat rooms on the dating sites. 

Dating sites are a real way to get out of the comfort zone, expand the circle of communication and make a serious relationship. But most of them seem to be unemployed because of stereotyped mistakes - most believe that relationships cannot be built artificially, they should be found spontaneously, in the chat rooms – there are some freaks and losers, all singles - anxious, women - corruptible, and finding one's person is impossible, because that in reality everyone turns out to be disappointingly different.

Let us consider each separately

Misconception 1: new acquaintances, friendship and relationships - something like a spontaneous fateful grace. The independent alignment of relations in this perspective will seem to be an artificial fictitiousness. But you can wait for your person unsuccessfully until old age.
Misconception 2: all singles are corrupt and sad in the chat rooms on the dating sites.
For a woman, the material security of the chosen person is really important - in the modern world, the ancient male responsibility is expressed - to be the earner and protector of the family.
For a man, the first romantic step is really such a victorious milestone. But most still want a serious relationship and family.


More misconceptions…

Misconception 3: There are some "freaks and losers" in the chat rooms instead of interesting singles, thrown out by social natural selection on the roadside of life.
Dating sites are the reflection of a crowded city street. Most are ordinary people-people who are supplied with the bulk of news, serials, shows and advertisements. A few percent in the crowd are intellectuals: technicians and humanists. Half - introverts, the second - extroverts. A few percent are of non-traditional orientation. The fifth part is fond of esoteric and psychology.
And all people are singles and strangers. But among them there is a percentage of their potential ... Imagine a dump. There is the dirt, rubbish, rubbish, a bunch of bad smells. But you know that you can find a diamond here. Therefore, take a shovel, wear rubber boots, gloves, if necessary - a gas mask - and calmly move, leaving behind all that interest has not caused.
If, for example, your "diamond" - a serious relationship and spiritual harmony, and you are clearly trying on as a means of financial or sexual gratification, then just pass by.