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Child-free: why they do not want to have children


In the minds of millions of single or married women and men does not fit, how you can voluntarily give up the role of parents, from the birth of the coveted child. But in opposition to this view, representatives of the modern flow of child-free, who believe that offspring - is not the main goal of the woman's existence when you are dating with a man. Moreover, many of them are sure that children only interfere with self-realization, and see in the little "colors of life" only screaming and ever-aching egoists who only take precious time and energy.

Arguments of child-free people

"Live for yourself." The main reason, which is most often called followers of child-free flow, is a waste of precious time for a single child, whereas it is more useful and more appropriate to spend on oneself than to be parents. Such people believe that they should sacrifice a career, education,dating and self-improvement when people become parents in the modern world. In addition, women's beauty suffers, which sometimes cannot be brought back and. "The third wheel" is also a problem. While single ordinary people are sure that the child makes the family or their dating even stronger, child-free fears that it is children who disturb the harmony of their dating or relationship between them and their partners.

Opinion of psychologists

Specialists do not rush to call child-free people "abnormal." They believe that if single persons voluntarily and independently decide not to become parents, they do not need to constantly confirm the correctness of his choice and does not try to prove to others that only their point of view is the only true one, this is a conscious approach to life, which is not condemned worth it.  Difficult childhood is also a reason. Experts are sure that today child-free mostly still were unhappy children in the past, whose parents did not pay attention to them, showed cruelty, said phrases like "I would not have given birth to you, all the troubles are from you." Having received a severe psychological trauma in childhood, child-free people decide not to have their own child. For some, the form of rejection reaches extremes - they begin to hate both children and their parents.