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Check If You Meet Women’s Expectations


Everyone knows that from a young age women dream of a prince on a white horse. Of course, in the future, real feelings make their own adjustments, and a loving woman learns to accept both the strengths and weaknesses of her beloved,site her on his place etc. However, of course, every woman would like to meet someone perfect.

Also, it is not right, when the main motive of a man's self-development is the desire to please a woman and meet her expectations. It is better when in his improvement the man was guided by his own internal aspirations.

What Do They Need?

However, it is still worth knowing with whom they would prefer dating. And, if you think about it: do not the men themselves want the same? So, here this site presents a picture of women's ideas about the perfect man.

Each lady wants dating a man who is stronger physically, more intelligent and more determined than she. A woman wants to feel weak next to a strong partner and protected next to an omnipotent man.

Women are looking for a man who will be the closest friend, her nearest and dearest. She needs an emotional support from him, his ability to adjust to her pace and at the same time the common values and attitude to life.

Money matters

Women prefer dating a successful and wealthy (in a broad sense) man, a partner who can control both himself and the situation.  As well, it is very important for women to see a positive attitude to everything, a confidence that everything is going to happen in the best way. And of course, while dating a woman expects from a man not just confessions of love, but romantic deeds.

A woman seeks an independent, self-sufficient man. Women feel like when he knows what he wants, she wants to go after him. When he does not allow to be manipulated, then he is able to protect her if necessary. It is important for a woman that a man has something special that make him stand out and amaze her imagination.

So the site shows key female fantasies. These fantasies have no direct relationship to true love, because, as you know, people fall in love not for something in particular, but despite all the drawbacks. But the truth is that each of above listed male virtues can bring your woman a great joy. Hope the site helped you to find the answers to your questions.